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S&M EP1 on Steam activation

posted by wettmann on - last edited - Viewed by 536 users

Hello, I purchased EP1 od S&M via Telltale I love the Games and furthermore the excellent support from TT.
But what me really pissed off is that I cant use Steam to play my S&M episodes purchased trough TT.
I purchased several Games from other companys and all running on steam sole after entering the activation code.
Please TT kick some Steam Bum and make it happend I dont see a reason to purchase the Game twice.


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  • [quote]I purchased several Games from other companys and all running on steam sole after entering the activation code. [/quote]

    Which games?

    We do not currently have plans to offer games purchased through Telltale's system for free to Steam customers (or vice versa) because our systems are entirely separate, but if there are other games that support this type of arrangement we'd like to hear about it. Thanks :)

  • Prey has it for example: I have the boxed copy, but after entering my CD key in Steam, it's now also in my Steam games list. No more need to look for the disk.

  • Basically, Steam lets you "activate" products that are available in Steam, but you didn't buy them with Steam. For example, say I bought Call of Duty from a store. I enter the Call of Duty CD-key in Steam's Activation dialogue box, and it's registered into Steam. So if my hard drive goes bad and I lose the CD or the key, I can simply redownload Call of Duty from Steam because it's tied to my account.

    The problem is, some games on Steam either don't have CD-keys or don't have keys that fit what Steam requires. This may be the case with the Sam and Max games.

    I too would like a key or way of some sort to activate the Sam and Max episodes in Steam. I bought the first season as a set, I still have the order number, I just don't want to lose what I bought or keep back ups, and Steam is a really easy way to do it.

  • I'd like to toss my name into the hat for a vote for Steam activation, if that vote does any good. It's wildly convienient to have all my games in one place and I love Steam's service, but I prefer buying these games from you guys so you get the lion's share of the profits.

    Still, I'll understand if Valve doesn't go for it; we would be raping their bandwidth without paying them a dime for it.

  • Hi guys,

    I asked around about this, and as I understand it, games purchased outside of Steam that can then be activated through Steam are games that use their copy protection for the boxed version. This is not the case with Sam & Max. Our systems are completely separate and it's not possible to activate a Sam & Max purchase that you made through Telltale (or GameTap / retail / another channel) on Steam, or vice versa. Sorry.

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