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German Translations ignored?

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where are the german Translations of all your Products? As i see the Announcement of Monkey Islands Comeback today at Steam i can't believe that there is no german Translation. I am shocked!

In Fact:

1. German Language is the second greatest market to sell Games (Germany, Switherland, Austria, Parts of the Benelux States) after the english Language. Otherwise you are ignoring over 100 Million potential Customers.

2. Germany was allways known (since the 80's) for the first and greatest (!!!) market to sell Adventures and Strategy Games.

3. There is no Movie, Book or Game that can afford it to ignore the german Language at the Market including a complete Translation (Text and Speech). A german Translation is a absolute must!

4. There is a wide range of German Actors, Speakers working on Translations for Movies and Games for a payable price at high Quality. It is a very great Industry at Germany in comparsion to other European Countrys like Spain, France, Italy etc.

5. Subtitles are the absolute minimum!!!

6. Even the first Fanprojects is to create a new Lucas Arts like Adventure (Monkey Island, Indiana Jones etc. - i guess you know them well so no Link seems to be necessary) where started by the german Community in german and (!!!) english language. If Amateurs can do it - a Company can't do so?

If you don't believe me watch for several marketing Statistics over the last 10 - 20 years or the sell Statistics from Lucas Arts at their old original Adventures.

I understand that the cost of Translation for Adventures like your Products is very high - but after watching and knowing the Facts - there is no reason to don't do it. :)

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