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Nintendo 3DS

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Hi Guys

What do you think about the 3DS. Is it awesome or absolute rubbish.

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  • @roberttitus said: So even if it isn't a graphical powerhouse in the end, it is a quality machine with quality games coming out for it... being on the fence because you don't know how good the graphics are going to be (as many of you have claimed to be) just seems lame. I mean missing a whole slew of awesome blockbuster games [...] just because they don't have PS3/360 quality graphics seems like a sad & stupid thing to do to me... but to each there own I suppose.

    Basically you claimed that it nearly matches the PS3/XBOX360. Arguments against it and arguments to be a bit sceptic where brought up.

    I'm a nintendo fanboy as much as the next one, but degrading another opinion of someone as sad and stupid because it doesn't match yours is just wrong. Of course people should be on the fence about the graphics quality of the new thing.

    The whole premise of the 3DS is its graphics and the 3D thing. If there is no graphics update, or if the 3D gimmick looks aweful, then why the heck even releasing a new one so short after re-releasing the DS.
    Also Hideo Kojima, or at least the MGS series is one of the most known franchises ever. The game will not sell well because it is on the 3DS, the 3DS will sell well because the game will be on it (same goes for RE).

    And of course everybody that develops for a system sais its the best thing since sliced bread.
    I've never heard anything else in promotional interviews like that. Nothing wrong with that, but kkeep in mind that this interview is not ment to deliver information, its ment to get people hyped.

  • Great... just what I needed... ANOTHER person missing the ENTIRE point of one of my posts by claiming that I am here to rain hate down upon you meager mortals fools on any chance that I get.

    In reality, all I'm saying is that it is a shame that people are so concerned with the way the games look that they are "on the fence" about buying it. The reason you should purchase a console is because the games are fun... all the graphical power in the world won't make a crappy game fun to play.

    While it is true that even I was talking about the graphical capabilities of the system... in the end I (as many others) would have purchased it even if the graphics resembled those of the original DS... why? Nintendo are the king of handhelds & the games coming out for it seem like they would be fun. The power of the console is just an added (but welcomed) bonus.

  • @roberttitus said: Fun>Graphics

    I totally see where you're coming from. But the entire point of the 3DS is the updated graphics and the 3D view thing. And while this is neat, there is nothing else.

    Why should anybody get this handheld if it looks, plays and acts just like the DS if they already got an DS? The games would propably only run on the new system, but why if it would look exactly the same? I would feel cheated if a new system (not a re-release!) is sold as something new and revolutionary but still acts, looks and plays like a NDS.
    Same goes for every console. Why should I buy a 360 if the system isn't capable of more? Why should I get a PS3 if it is the 3rd update but still doesn't do more then a PS1? So of course it is important to tighten up the graphics (on level 3).

    Also, having a system which is capable of high quality stuff makes it way more interesting for third party developers, which also kind of directly impacts on how successful a console is. The power of a console is nowadays everything else but a bonus. Also ellipses.

  • I also understand your point, but the screenshots prove without a doubt that it is much, much, much more powerful than an original DS. The problem I have is that people are still acting as though it is not powerful enough to justify purchasing it (which is a statement that I wholeheartedly disagree without... I mean it is at THE VERY LEAST capable of Wii caliber graphics *seeing as Kid Icarus was guaranteed gameplay footage*). They are basically saying that if the thing is not capable of PS3/360 graphics then they aren't sure if they are getting it... which is a shame that they prioritize graphics so much that they would miss out on such great games.

  • Actually, my main issue is that in order to process the 3D image, they had to sacrifice a great deal of processing power. And honestly, I'd rather have a really powerfully rounded system, than one that was gonna constantly try to pop things in my face.

    Though I don't have the funds to buy any new consoles in the near distant future, so its not like this is competing for my love anyways.

    Edit: You know what? I kinda wish Nintendo would actually pick up, for once in its life, and make something that's at least remotely as powerful as the other systems. And not suck about online play. For once.

  • I never said I wasn't going to buy one, I just said I don't care about the 3D effect and I'm highly skeptical about the level of power people are talking it up to have.

    I get every new platform that comes out because I dislike missing out on good exclusive games.

  • Why haven't you guys seen the Nintoaster link I put up??!


  • @BoneFreak said: Why haven't you guys seen the Nintoaster link I put up??!


    We saw it... it just adds nothing to this discussion.

    Besides, everybody & there mother has seen that thing thanks to AVGN.

  • @roberttitus said: We saw it... it just adds nothing to this discussion.

    Besides, everybody & there mother has seen that thing thanks to AVGN.

    Sometimes I wonder if there's anything that doesn't make you argue.. :confused:

  • @BoneFreak said: Sometimes I wonder if there's anything that doesn't make you argue.. :confused:

    That isn't arguing... that is me being honest. It added nothing, so we ignored it to talk about what this thread was started to talk about. I'm sorry if I offended you.

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