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Culture Shock - Problems with sound

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I tried the Demo on my Windows 2000 Machine, but the sound is too fast. Sam and Max are talkin 1.5x faster than they should. And most anoying thing: the sentences are cut and i don't hear the last 2-3 words of each sentence.

Am I the only one with this problem? How do I fix this?


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  • Could you please tell us your system specs? (Processor speed, etc.)

  • Windows 2000, Athlon XP 2500+, 1.572 MB Ram

  • Okay, this is not a problem I've heard of before. There was an issue in our older games with everything running too fast on certain processors, but that has been fixed in Sam & Max.

    Is your processor multi-core? This is just a hunch based on no fact whatsoever, but you might set the priority to one of the CPU cores as described here.

    Other than that, I'm not sure what else to suggest. Let me check in with the tech guys.

    Also, what kind of sound does your computer have?

  • Hi.
    Great game really. But I have a similar problem.
    I did not notice it in episode 1. But in episode 2, 3 and 4, which I am currently playing. This is my problem;
    Most time when I start the game some of the words in each sentence just get skipped over. it seems like a clocking issue, cause it differs in which words gets skipped in the same sentences every time I load the game. Some times, when I'm lucky, they don't skip at all.
    It usually occurs in between 3 or 4 second intervalls so longer sentences gets a few skips, and shorter not at all.
    One time the subtitling frooze midsentence and then the voice frooze there to, and when the subtitling started over the voice came back but at a later place in the sentence.
    I thought it might be a prefs file bugging, so tried deleting that as suggested in another post. I tried defragmenting the drive, no change, tried hardware acceleration at different settings. Tried playing at different game settings, even with subtitles off (which made the game hard to understand, due to the cut sentences).

    System: Windows 2000, Athlon Xp 2500, GeForce 6800GT, Audigy 4 value pci soundcard latest drivers. Checked that nothing is wrong in DXdiag.

    I haven't tried played it from another disk yet, but I will do now... Maybe it works from my scsi system disk.
    Edit: No difference.

    Annoyingly good game, yes, and funny.

  • Actually I only thought I had the latest creative driver. Silly me had downloaded it but did never install it, back when I got the card.
    My problem went away with a slightly newer driver. (2.09.0016 works for me) That's creative good folks.

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