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Suggestions On How To Improve The Game

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Hi there. While I enjoy your games and have been following each episode, I have been taking notes on how you could make these games even better. I know from your Wondercon panel you guys don't mind suggestions from whiny fans. So here I go:


1. The one thing I have the biggest problem with is that everytime Max speaks, he speaks like he's delivering a pun. It sounds as if he's aware that it's a pun - it's like being proud to tell a joke or attracting attention to the fact you're telling a joke. That really puts me out of the story. It would be better if Max was more sarcastic, rather than a standup comedian.

2. Max speaks after ANYTHING Sam says. That gets really annoying. I hold the old sarcastic Max from "Hit the Road" and the comics dear within my heart.


1. Each episode is better than the previous. The Abe Lincoln episode is the best so far because it is targeted at a slightly more mature audience.

2. Music is getting better too. My favourite track is the end of episode 4. I suggest you guys make more Jazzy/Detectivey type music. It really adds to the sarcastic mood. Because Sam & Max taught me all the sarcasm I needed when I was a kid.

3. I noticed nice little animation that adds to the overall gameplay. I have to say, far out for the little stride max does with his arms behind his back when he's walking into the War Room in episode 4.

Also, It would be great if, from episode to episode, you guys would change some wardrobe, like for example, Whizzer, Peepers and Specs should've been wearing suits if they're governors.

If you're gonna whine about the fact that doing that would be outside your target audience, don't bother. "Hit the Road" was as sarcastic as it gets and didn't draw any attention to jokes. God knows what the target audience was, marketingwise, but it hasn't been dubbed "One of the best Adventure Games of all Time" for nothing.



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  • @jmm said: Maybe a map with all the locations up to the current stage of the story (including previous season's locations)

    All the locations can be clicked, those available for the current episode trigger a goto action, the others trigger a prompt like this one:

    "WARP Studio is available in
    Season 1, Episode 2: Sam & Max: Situation Comedy
    Season 3, Episode 4: Sam & Max: Volatile Programming"
    Maybe adding a small picture of the area.

    Yeah thats pretty much what I was thinking...But I like the last bit with the preview...its like, "TUNE IN NEXT WEEK WHEN WE REVISIT OUR FAVOURITE TV STUDIO AGAIN FOR MORE ZANY HUMOUR!!!"

  • @Guybrush Threepwood said: I'm totally agaisnt this idea. This will just make the game so repetitive.

    It would make it less repetitive than it currently is.

    @Guybrush Threepwood said: Perhaps an old location could be resurrected occasionally, if there were a reason to go there again; suddenly being able to revisit the TV studio for one episode only and only finding out how it could be useful once you got there would give a feel of being nose-led, but having all locations available and most of them useless would be tedious and time-wasting. There would still have to be new locations, because a reworked old area can't hope to have as much content as it did when it was fresh.

    Well, obviously I'd be against them throwing in locations if there was nothing to do there.

    I also don't think it has to be a matter of having every location added be in every episode from here on out. I'm talking more about them occasionally throwing back an old location rather than just only reusing Bosco's and Sybil's all the time. That would serve to make seasons less redundant overall.

  • adding every old location to the current episode wouldn't work anyway, since the would either need to be included in the install file for this episode increasing the size or take the data from the old episodes and so forcing the user to have all old episodes installed.
    but i like revisiting some old places from time to time, adds nostalgia to the game. of course there have to be changes from the last time it was used, best being the result of actions the player did or triggered during the last visit..
    "ahh, memories..."

  • @Cantatus said: I'm talking more about them occasionally throwing back an old location rather than just only reusing Bosco's and Sybil's all the time. That would serve to make seasons less redundant overall.

    I agree; that's what I meant, too, but the point was that providing apparently arbitrary locations that miraculously turn out to have a place in the story will be too contrived. It's telling the player: "going here might be a good idea - HINT, HINT!" There'd have to be a reason to revisit them, even if it was just, for example, hearing someone say "oh yes, last I heard he was visiting the white house... [etc.]" Having arrived for whatever the initial purpose was, there would hopefully be other unexpected goings-on as well that could then become involved in the plot.

  • I think it would be better if it were more like, for example, you could revisit old areas, but only a couple would be available per episode, like 3, but only 1 of them would be important.

  • I don't see how that solves the problems; it just combines part of one and part of the other. Why would anyone want to have to determine which were the two useless locations each episode, and still, what would justify the choice of those particular areas?

  • I liked Sam and Max originally because of the eloquant brand of unorthodox silliness in it. I mean, in "Hit the Road", things would happen where you would have to double take and think "Wtf !". In Season 1 I think the most obvious example of this is when you spend ages trying to get into the "War room", and just as you do the agent appears from nowhere and goes into a massive song. The jokes or plot shouldn't be predicatable at all, there should be all kinds of randomness. (So please don't make us shoot holes in cheese again.)

  • Steve Purcell needs to have more input on the game.
    Not that Telltale aren't doing a great job, but Steve sort of sold out.

  • @doom saber said: I agree. For example,there is some igorant game reviewer on myspace and youtube who reviews old games. In one of his podcast, he reviews castlevania II, giving it a bad review. He claims that the constant dialogue of day turning to night and the lack of tips within the game dialgoue hurts the game. Of course, this is the same game that is considered to be one of the best CV games.

    I'm REALLY REALLY sorry to go all Dr. Frankenstein here, but I just found this post hilarious & thought I should share.... 3 years later that "ignorant" video game reviewer is a internet phenomenon who lives quite comfortably just from doing the reviews in question. I guess he must have been doing something right after all... :)

  • Well if this is still an "game improvement" thread.

    My contribution is to bring the office back, so far season 3 has been perfect and possibly the best season yet, my only irk is that the characters haven't visited the office once - Bosco's and Sybil's place I can live with, but to not see the insides and changes in Sam and Max's home, is quite saddening.

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