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Need help with 304? Please?

posted by Hatley on - last edited - Viewed by 113 users

So far in 304 I've got Girl Stinky scrubbing the cloning area desk, Momma Bosco back in the lab and the Cthonic Destroyer. Can anyone tell me how to get The extra Bosco DNA to use on the clone cooker?

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  • You may already have it, check through your stuff first and look at everything
    If there's no DNA in your current area where else can you go?
    How about sal's workplace.
    So, now we're here, is there anything to pick up? Who can we talk to?
    Teleport to sal's new work place, talk to bluster blaster, he'll give you an envelope and letter. Look at it and sam will tell you it's covered in bosco's drool.

  • Now I need to know How to beat Charlie Ho-Tep:confused:

    EDIT:Figured it out. Never mind.

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