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Mel gibson tapes fakeeee

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Showing some love, Mel...
Here are some of my favorite quotes surrounding Mel Gibson accusations and the tapes.

She's also the only person I know who can take 2 punches to the face hard enough to chip two teeth/veneers and show absolutely no cuts or bruising or swelling when smiling for a dentist's photo the next day. She's something else!
Having seen plenty of bruises & cuts on babies and toddlers, I find it hard to belive that this a bruise from battering. Looks more like an insect bite. What do you think?[/quote]

Well, once again, Oksana's story is changing. First it was a "bruise." Now it's an "abrasion." These two things are very different.[/quote]

But it's not the first time. First he hit her in the face and knocked her teeth out. Then no, he hit her in the head and she bit down and cracked them...[/quote]

Oh yeah, I forgot about the black eyes. Thank God they healed in the few hours before she took that picture, eh? Thank God they healed in time for the Golden Globes! LOL..[/quote]
Per the original story, there are TWO experts who agreed the tapes are altered/tampered with. Arlo West and Frank Piazzi. tampered-with-oksana/

Stop misrepresenting the facts, Golddigger supporters. [/quote]

The volume of his voice track fades in and out when Oksana raises her voice.[/quote]

Why didn't she take the baby to the hospital, have her checked out and then go to the police?.[/quote]


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