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Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway - variants.

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I think, not a secret for everything, that variants for editions are now used. 1) the usual edition, rather modest and inexpensive
2) the improved edition, with additional bonuses
3) the collection gift edition, with the BIG HEAP of bonuses.

A classical example - The Lord of The Rings.(DVD)

Why to not publish as the "Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway"?
It would be good both for us and for you - for all! ;)

One request - please, make the book in a firm(hard) cover, because soft quickly wears out from constant use! :D

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  • Since freakin' WHEN do you make collector's editions of BOOKS!?

  • @Maratanos said: Since freakin' WHEN do you make collector's editions of BOOKS!?

    Since as long as I can remember - especially comic books. You can buy hard cover versions of a lot of popular comic book series, at least the European ones I'm aware of.

  • @Maratanos said: Since freakin' WHEN do you make collector's editions of BOOKS!?

    Two examples:

    The "Exposé"-books always came in three flavors: softcover, hardcover and leather-bound.

    "The Art of Ralph McQuarrie", available as silver-stamped cloth-bound hardcover in slipcase, gold-stamped cloth-bound hardcover in cloth-bound and signed slipcase, and the ultra-hyper-mega edition bound in black sheepskin and presented in a wooden box.

  • Hmm... The edition thing is quite interesting, but i thing it would not make very much sense, because everyone'd buy the edition with the most stuff in it ^^ (some would perhaps also buy an exact reconstruction of the original surfin the highway)

  • The problem with that is they would have to send to print three different versions and whould have to order a good deal of each and there is a limited ammount of people wiling to purchase a whole bunch of different books with the same material.

    The safest bet in business is to make one version that fits us all. There is no need for extravagant versions

    By the way, the Exposé books have three variations because its printed and assembled by the same publisher (ballistic media), And Telltale is about games, not publishing. So having Sam&Max comics is quite a plus, but lets keep it simple and focused, In the end, why do you think the original comic sells so high right now? because it had variant covers?
    Do telltale need to go into a bunch of trouble to make a couple of bucks more just to satisfy a few with several different versions of the same book?

  • I didn't mean to support the idea of multiple "Surfing the Highway"-editions... it'll be enough if they'll just do one great one.

  • @Laserschwert said: it'll be enough if they'll just do one great one.

    I agree. One edition would be more than enough, as long as it doesn't cost you a shirt. People at Amazon and eBay sell it for $90+, which is insane. I know it's rare, but come on. It makes me sad when I see an offer of some greedy bastard selling the book for 150 without the cover. Good luck.

    P.S. - I guess it's a good lesson for those who had the chance to buy "Surfing the Highway" when it came out, but didn't do it. That's exactly why I'm getting every possible Sam & Max related merchandise NOW. So I don't have to pay $50 for a fridge magnet in five years time.

    So Telltale. More soundtracks, sketchbooks, comics, bonus discs and anything you can come up with. I'll be more than happy to purchase your stuff.

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