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Last Sam and Max season?

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So is this the last season? It certainly feels like it.
what do you think?

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  • This might be the last one for at least 2 years. Telltale already has Jurassic Park and BTTF, which will most likely be the last we'll see of Telltale in 2010, then 2011 will continue Jurassic Park and BTTF, and then for the rest of '11 and for '12 they have many options for more seasons (SBCG4AP, ToMI, Puzzle Agent, etc.). Not to mention they'll probably have new franchises if the Universal games aren't a total flop (which they probably won't).

  • @moo535 said: i never said tales was MI6 either. i never considered tales to be part of the series. tell tale made a monkey island game. but it's not monkey island 5

    telltale said they where joking about tales not being monkey island 5. IT IS. im pretty sure lucasarts has stated this is monkey island 5 as well(but dont quote me on that) So with that logic than super mario rpg is not a mario game because it wasnt made by nintendo. Or technicallly sam and max seasons 1-3 arent canon(if there is a canon for s&m) beacuse lucasarts didnt make them. Tales is mi 5 whether you want it to be or not.

  • New S&M Season.. yes please..
    New Bone, no thanks
    New Monkey Island Season.. hell yea! (i'm more excited on this one only because it has 1 season instead of 3 :P)

    BUT!! I can't wait to see more from Back to the Future..!

  • i want more of sam and max =) .... but we dont know what will happen in season finale in season 3 if sam and max survive the ending or something ....

  • They just nailed sam and max to a tea, every season gets better and better so why shouldn't they make one topping this one? Besides sam and max should never end, hell the thing started in the 80s.

  • It's probably going to be a year or two away (possibly more if Telltale gets some new IPs off the ground), but I have to believe that as long as it successful--and the employees aren't horribly sick of it yet--there's going to be some form of sequel.

  • Easy solution: expand the company and hire more personnel.

    In absolutely unrelated news, I finish college in two years :3

  • @schizophrenicalm said: I have it on good authority that this will be the last season until they make a new one.

    Absolute WIN

  • I think after releasing episode 5 of this season they're going to have to focus on the Jurassic Park and Back to the Future games. So even if they return to Sam & Max again it might be a couple of years before they do.

  • I say that the series is going to go on for awhile. At least another good season or two. I wouldn't expect any NEWS though after EP5 for a good while.

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