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The T-Shirt - Sam with a gun?

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Warning: Opinion below...

I can't recall Sam or Max ever carrying a gun. They are adventure crime solvers. They use their brains to fight crimes. Sometimes Max kicks and pounces on his victims, but never a gun. IMO, this is sort of giving the wrong message to people. Especially new people that may never have played the original Sam and Max.

Can we get a T-Shirt with a different design? One without the gun?

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    are you for real?? you've obviously never read the comics..

  • I thought sam always had a gun.

  • Sam always has a gun, even when he doesn't.

    And you don't want to know where Max hides his.

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    Sam has a very large revolver. Max has a smaller little handgun. They carry them a lot. They never used them in the game, though (actually, I think they made an appearance in the HTR end credits), as it wouldn't really work with adventure gaming, and the cartoon was obviously too kid-oriented.

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    and one of the running jokes if I remember correctly is where does Max hide his gun :D :D :D

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    I think the presence of guns is a good sign: they're really getting to the anarchic essence of the comics. ;)

  • Wile E, I don't know if you've only played the game, but Sam & Max are seen carelessly waving firearms around on more than a few occasions in the comics. However "edgy" the game may have seemed as a LucasArts title it was slightly toned down in comparison to the comics (not nearly as much as the cartoon, but yeah). For better or for worse, the duo has never been about political correctness. ;)

  • Yes I think the gun should be one of the default items in the inventory. Maybe once or tiwice involve it in solving a puzzle but with true adventure game style. (using items in ways other then their intended purpose.) Thinking of items... for some reason it brought back fond memories of a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle ( I know it is MI not S&M but still good times good times)

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    I have unfortunately never read all of the comics (please release a new trade paperback next year like you're hinting at, Steve!), but I do believe Max stabs a terrorist in the eye with a fork in one of them :)

    Telltale, why are there only T-shirts in Large and XL sizes? I really want one, but I'm a pretty small guy :(( Please get smaller versions of that awesome design!

  • [quote]Telltale, why are there only T-shirts in Large and XL sizes? [/quote]
    Because adventure gamers are fat and lazy!


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