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How to exit the game?

posted by Stringray on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users

Just bought Puzzle Agent on Steam and currently playing it. However, I couldn't find a way to exit the game. I pressed ESC and many other keys, but nothing happens. I would expect ESC to trigger the a menu containing an option to exit the game. I did notice the SPACE bar can be used to pause the game.

I killed the game's process using the Windows Task Manager, but that can't be the normal way of exiting this game, can it?

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  • @Macfly77 said: Yes it can... just kidding! ;)
    However, it is only possible AFTER you reach the inn (after having solved the first two puzzles).

    That's just plain stupid and very unfriendly to the user... :mad: :eek:

    Telltale, please consider this a bug and fix it!

  • I noticed that when I first started the game. It seems one needs to completed a 'puzzle' or 'challenge' first before the option to 'Quit' the game is available. Not to fret. It really doesn't take along to reach that point.
    BTW I used 'Control', "Alt', 'Delete' pressed simultaneously to exit the game when I first started... that command is 'friendlier' to the computer. The 'Esc' key didn't work for me.

  • Alt+F4 will quit the game (Without saving), just don't mash it, lest you close any other apps that may be open.

  • @Puzzler74 said: I noticed that when I first started the game. It seems one needs to completed a 'puzzle' or 'challenge' first before the option to 'Quit' the game is available.

    I had already finished two puzzles at the time I discovered I couldn't exit the game. When I killed it using the task manager the state wasn't saved and I had to start over :eek:

  • I too found this incredibly frustrating. My friend's son was messing with my macbook and started up Puzzle Agent but after 30 seconds decided it was not his type of game. No escape, no cmd-tab, and I didn't know the Mac-equivalent of ctrl-alt-del. Ended up plowing through those first few puzzles and dialogue again, which was just annoying since I'd already played through it.

  • I've just downloaded the demo and started playing just to see how the game is like. When I had to solve the log puzzle to get to the hotel, my brain was a little tired to think how, so I wanted to quit there, but I couldn't find any key to quit. I even couldn't bring the task manger (it appeared but soon back to the game screen. I don't know why), so I had to shut down the computer. I found this annoying and it certainly puts me off buying this game! Too bad, coz the FBI style of the game sounded interesting (I am a huge the X-file fan). Please Telltale game fix this before I decide to buy this game.

  • It over doing your task manager has nothing to do with TellTale at all.

  • I mean that I want Telltale to create an exit menu so that I can quit the game anytime I want, not after I have to solve a few puzzel.

  • After you solve the log puzzle, just follow the instructions and inspect the fence, then enter the hotel. When you're inside the hotel, you'll be able to quit by clicking on the folder with a puzzle piece on it that is located on the top left corner of the screen, then click on Main Menu, then on Quit. The game autosaves.

  • Yeah, problem is that it takes a bit to get to the exit button.

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