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It is time!

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I'm going to start building my life sized Yoda hut! I'm working and in college with just a few expenses, in my free time I want to build my life sized Yoda hut! I think I can find some one to help me with it too...:p

It's not a easy under taking mind you, both the exterior from ESB and ROTJ are different and the inside is more or less the same lay out but has different features.

Regardless I am going to meld the ESB and ROTJ's interior and exterior to make one true hut! YES YES!!! YESSS!!! GIVE IT TO ME !!!!

See, the beauty of ESB and ROTJ is that in ESB you don't really see Yoda's bed that much and the wall next to it, you only see a glimspe of that far wall when Yoda Is speaking near the stove. That means I can simply build what you've seen and combine both inner huts to one.

The rest of the hut is more or less the same, even though the colors are different and small details are different. The layouts are actually the same. I know the lay out pretty darn well by now too.

The exteriors are different angles too. The only thing is that the inside needs to line up with the outside. Which is a design challenge.

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