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How difficult do you like your adventure games?

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I prefer mine on the harder side, though there are Ag that are too hard. While I don't hate AG that are too easy, I do take points off if it is too easy.

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  • Easy, I don't care much about difficulty, though

  • Adventure games are not supposed to be easy, the puzzles should be extremely difficult to figure out. I like to be stumped sometimes and be forced to think about what the solution might be.

  • Text adventure hard is nice. I like games that are so difficult they make me scream; I love the challenge. I don't really care either way though.

  • What happened to Medium?

    I don't want it too hard, or too easy.

    That said, I don't like it when you're stuck hours on one part because you didn't happen to notice a tiny pixel item which you were meant to pick up and use.

  • I agree with Rawr. I prefer a challenge, but not an insane one.

  • I like the harder side, but with lots of puzzles to work on so if I can't solve one I can work on another.

  • I'll forgive a game for being too hard more than for being too easy. So, I voted "hard, I take points off if they're too easy".

  • I like it when the puzzles are hard and logical, and not just hard by being complete nonsense that no sane person would think of.

  • I voted hard, but do not care about difficulty. I agree with most of the posts here. I like puzzles to be hard enough to make me go away and think it through, but not so hard or unlogical that a walkthrough is the only way to solve it.

  • I don't play adventure games for the challenge, so when a puzzle stops me from advancing the adventure itself I just find it annoying. It's nice to have a puzzle every once in a while that's challenging, but the timing really matters for me.

    I don't like scenarios like, "the bad guy has just come and stolen your girlfriend and escaped on his flying pink unicorn! Quick, assemble a working motorbike out of these three items so you can chase him!" This type of thing would just piss me off because it's taking away from the action/story in order to give me a puzzle.

    I much prefer scenarios like "while you were looking for clues, you trapped yourself in a cupboard like an idiot. Find a way to escape." This type of scenario is giving you a puzzle where the story can make time for one.

    I prefer puzzles when they've been integrated into the story as opposed to puzzles that have had the story integrated into them, so I don't mind a challenge once in a while, but I'd prefer to spend no more than a minute or two figuring something out in 90% of scenarios. You have to find the balance between "that was hard enough to make me feel rewarded after figuring it out" and "that was hard enough to make me think 'thank God that's over' after figuring it out".

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