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Sam and Max Forum Adventure Game: F01 Back to the Past

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The rules of this are simple: say what you want Sam and Max to do or ask or whatever. I'll write any dialogue and scenes but feel free to input.


The scene opens to Mama Bosco's lab where Mama Bosco has just activated her dimensionator. Suddenly, there is a loud bang and Sam and Max appear through a portal.

Sam: Well little buddy, it looks like we're finally here in the past.
Max: Oh boy Sam, there are so many things I want to change.

Mama Bosco looks surprised.

Mama B: Sam and Max? From the future?!
Sam: Hiya there, Mama Bosco.
Max: We bring terrible news...TERRIBLE NEWS!
Sam: We need to find the old versions of us and warn them about the impending danger!
Mama B: I'd love to let you boys go but I have to run some complicated tests to check you're not infected with anything.

A giant glass dome lowers over Sam and Max

Sam: How long will that take?
Mama B: By today's standards...approximately 5 years.
Max: But Sam, by that time the planet will already have been hit by the terrible DANGER FROM THE FUTURE
Sam: Which we are inconveniently not naming.
Max: We need to find a way out to warn our past selves...and I'm hungry.

Your inventory: Sam's gun, mysterious remote control, bowling ball Lou

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