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Missing a reply to 'issue-34350'

posted by Drakli on - last edited - Viewed by 81 users

I submitted an issue-tracking request on August 9th. Apart from the auto-confirm, I'm afraid I have yet to receive a reply. I've checked my spam file and it's empty. I don't think I'm being ignored or anything, really, but I do know I haven't heard anything back on it yet.

If the problem is insurmountable, I would be happy to give up my license for the episodes of Sam & Max I purchased and commute the money I paid to other product (I've had my eye on the complete Sam & Max animated series & maybe a T-shirt,) and wait for Beyond Time & Space to (hopefully) appear on Wii or X-Box 360. However, if my tech issues are something we can work around, I would like some attention towards it, please.

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