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The City That Dares Not Sleep waiting thread

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All right this is going to be last waiting thread of the season, unless of course there is a sixth episode we don't know about. We're all excited about the upcoming release, and it's looming ever closer.

Naturally, whether it's the 30th already can depend where you are. If you're Australian it's been Monday for quite some time already, and if you're in the greater New York area, Virginia or Kansas it won't be Monday for a few more hours. But it's the 30th of August in Europe now and if people are following the European clock (which they should) then we can expect a release...soonish.

Well, probably not, but that's not going to stop us from being up all night. We are after all optimists, and besides; who can possibly sleep knowing that the soul-chilling finale of The Devil's Playhouse is nearly upon us?

So get the coffee ready (actually I've got Red Bull and Epinephrine injectors to keep me going for as long as it takes).
And remember to keep your fingers poised over the F5 button because this is technically the day it'll be released.

So during this 24-hour window, this thread should help alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms some (read all) of you may be experiencing.

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    i am the 100th viewer

  • In the meantime, perhaps I could tell you about all the dreams I had about Sam and Max, perhaps spoiling this game in the process?

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    you can sense this is able to have spoilers

  • Hopefully, my day will go something like this: Get up early after a good night's sleep (which means getting to bed early, ha), start refresh monkeying on the games page until the game is posted, and then download it before Comcast comes out to change my internet around.

    It'll more likely be something like this: Get up earlier than normal, but still later than I wanted after going to bed too late and not getting enough sleep, manage to check the games page briefly before Comcast shows up and still see no game, then come back and check in the evening after the installation to find that the game still hasn't been posted, then wait around until 8 pm for it to be posted like we did with Tales.

  • I have to finish the games as soon as possible, because the game usually launches at 12 for me, and have the dentist at 3. Godspeed telltale. GODSPEED.

    Their has been talk for some time as to whether this will be the sam and max finale as a series, and the anticipation is eating me alive. Part of me would want to let the series die in peace, but the other part knows TTG can keep it fresh for so long if they want to. And some people already think the series sied so its prettey much a-

    God forgive me

    "Haters gona hate" situation. Just keep making awesome games telltale.

    So.... whats up forums?

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    i forgot how school is tomorrow and i can't get it until 4:00

  • What really stinks is that each episode takes about 40 minutes to download for me, and this looks like the biggest episode yet! Sigh...

  • Dude! I woke up at 4.30 AM GMT+2! This means there are more than 5 hours for the midnight for those who live in US, and I'll probably wait 12 more hours for noon!

    Q_Q I'm standing with whoever wants to sit and wait in this thread.

  • It's the final day of college for me tomorrow, and what better graduation present than 305!

  • It is only 7:00am roughly. Telltale doesn't start working untill it is 5:00pm for me, so I have a few hours to wait. That is fine, I have school until 3:25pm. Then a bit more for them to put it up. Just do homework, stuff (like watch the trailer repeatedly) and have dinner. After that, a few minutes or so to download it. All this= The best 4 or so hours of Sam & Max EVER!

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