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Virtual PC Difficulties

posted by Kerplunktehmunk on - last edited - Viewed by 217 users

Hey, folks. I'm one of those pitiful mac users who desperately wants to play Sam and Max Season 1. My mac is pre-intell, so I can't boot up on windows for real, but I figured I might be able to get it to work on my copy of Virtual PC (Windows XP).

Unfortunately, I can only allocate up to 16MB of video RAM on any virtual machine. I know that this is half of the required amount.

My problem is that the demo refuses to start up, and gives me some big long error code that means nothing to my brain. Is the crash-upon-startup likely to be because of my lack of video memory? Or is it some other problem?

I'll totally buy the whole season if I can get it to work on this computer.

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