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Countdown to Ep 5: "The City That Dares Not Sleep"

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 9.2K users

Whoa is it time for one of these already? Probably not, but here it is anyway.

So yeah, July's pretty close to done so it's time for the Final Count..down... thread. Hm. I didn't expect to go there at all. My apologies.

I'm Jake, and as many of you guys know from elsewhere on the forums, I wear quite a few hats around the TTG offices. The last few months, I have been fortunate enough to wear the hat of "director" for the final chapter of The Devil's Playhouse, "The City That Dares Not Sleep.".

I'll be hanging around this thread for between now and release, answering questions and dropping amazingly obscure, indecipherable, impenetrable, mind-rending hints about the final episode. Which you guys will surely figure out within like ten minutes, causing me to freak out thinking I've unwittingly spoiled the season finale for you. Fortunately, you'll then inevitably second guess yourselves and get it all horribly wrong a few days after that.

The episode was written and designed by Chuck Jordan (writer/designer/director of The Penal Zone, and lord overseer of the whole season), who is enjoying his new exotic life outside the office (which means he's probably at home on his couch playing Limbo on XBLA), but hopefully he can be coaxed into stopping by as well to help field things, too.

So yeah, the questions, the speculating: Fire away!

Uhhh, uhhh, bullet points.... Stemmle had all those cool bullet points. Dammit. Bullets.

I am less prepared than Mike "Master of the Countdown Thread" Stemmle, if you didn't notice. My bullet points, however, far outclass those of any prior thread. Feast:

[*]It's the last episode of the season.
[*]It features some very nice decorative clocks and lamps which I think you'll enjoy.

What more do you need to know?

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  • [quote=iryon;370661]the word is 'diner'.[/quote]


  • @tbm1986 said: Sorry I don't normally pull foreigners up on English because it's not good for their self-esteem. It's just that the result of putting cooked meal there instead of tacky restaurant was quite amusing.

    Your English is actually 100% correct most of the time, so don't worry about it. :)

    Don't worry about correct me. You help me out to win Experience points in english ^^!

  • @GinnyN said: Don't worry about correct me. You help me out to win Experience points in english ^^!

    In that case, it's correcting. :p

  • @pluizig said: In that case, it's correcting. :p

    @GinnyN: don't worry about when to use continuous (-ing) form of a verb. You'll be understood anyway.

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    ttg_Stemmle Telltale Alumni

    @GinnyN said: This is my theory: I think Stinky and Sal have lived together for a long time, considering he's a weird kind of cockroach and Stinky is confirmed a mermaid. Apparently, they went doing what Stinky wanted all the time. In the time of Sameth and Maximus they were putting a stage show, but, recently, Stinky decided she wants a diner for whathever reason. So, they tricked Grampa Stinky into think he created Girl Stinky from the Cake of the Dammed, so she could, somehow, innherit the diner and send Grampa Stinky to a vacation. Then he died and later resurected, and he decided to stay in the diner, resorting to the Plan B: Kill him.

    I think in the last episode, Sal kind of dumped Stinky because he was tired of all the things she make him do the last decade and Stinky then decided use Skun-ka'pe for kill grampa Stinky and obtain the diner.

    I don't know if I nailed. Need correction.

    In the words of the Voodoo Lady, "Sure, why not."

    That box of stuff in the cavern from 304 originally included a line about Stinky's "rubber cake costume," heavily implying that Sal and Stinky had been involved in some serious Scooby-Doo shenanigans with Grandpa Stinky, but the line was cut after we realized that it would be Really Useful to have a rubber cake costume for the "Grandpa's Birthday" puzzle.

    Mike "Poor, Poor Sal" Stemmle

  • @pluizig said: In that case, it's correcting. :p

    Oh, snap

    @pluizig said: @GinnyN: don't worry about when to use continuous (-ing) form of a verb. You'll be understood anyway.

    Ah... that's good

    @pluizig said: In the words of the Voodoo Lady, "Sure, why not."

    I HATE the Voodoo Lady right now...

  • @ttg_Stemmle said: Mike "Poor, Poor Sal" Stemmle

    Will we ever possibly see Sal again? :(

  • @tabstis said: Will we ever possibly see Sal again? :(

    We actually saw him go stiff as a board, so no.

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