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Sam & Max: Wii Remote

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As some of you may know, connecting a Wiimote to a PC is easy. You just need a Bluetooth reciever and proper software to handle the Wiimote motion sensor data. This way you can use your Wiimote instead of a mouse in FPP games, etc. And since Sam & Max is controlled with a mouse, I gave the Wiimote mode a try.

P.S. - I imagine controlling a point and click adventure would be quite enjoyable on Wii. Plus the "minigames" like the driving, where you could tilt your remote to turn left or right... Shooting would be fun too. But then again I'm not so sure that people who buy a Wii would want a point and click adventure game. At least not to make proper sales.

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  • @Jake said: There's no way to add extra functionality to the release copy of Sam & Max besides using the Wii as a pointer, but it's a cool proof of concept all the same!

    What I was thinking, though, was that the functionality is already present in Sam and Max, but that the Wiimote would be better utilized, as LuigiHann suggests, as a pointing device, where the Wiimote's detection of an IR source (e.g. the sensor bar) could be used to translate into the mouse's position on screen.
    It seems like it would be a pretty straightforward to code for that (considering the gyro's already been coded), but that's probably because I haven't actually tried it myself.

  • @ReverendTed said: In the video, the Wiimote seems to be held too close to the television to utilize its capabilities as a pointing device

    I held it close just to keep it within the frame. Otherwise, there would be no point. And yes, the controls are based on the orientation sensors only, which basically means that when you tilt the Wiimote, the mouse cursor flows in that direction.

    It would be so much nicer if this was done by IR, but I've yet to see the drivers that utilize this funtion.

  • I've done Wiimote/Sam & Max with IR. It's easy! I keep telling myself to take video and post it but I never got around to it. Lemme find the GlovePIE script I created.

    It certainly makes the Rat shooting game fun.

    I also did it with House of the Dead 2, but it kept breaking (the drivers got confused).

  • By the way, will the port of CSI Hard Evidence be the first example of a point 'n click adventure game on the Wii?

  • [quote=Udvarnoky;36869]By the way, will the port of CSI Hard Evidence be the first example of a point 'n click adventure game on the Wii?[/quote]

    The first to be released, I believe, yes. So we shall see how the public like it, eh? :)

  • Hopefully a lot, because if they don't I doubt very much there will ever be a Sam & Max Wii. :/

  • Ubisoft doesn't publish Sam & Max. I'd say it has more to do with the success of the retail release of Season 1.

  • @Udvarnoky said: Ubisoft doesn't publish Sam & Max. I'd say it has more to do with the success of the retail release of Season 1.

    I can't agree. The success of the adventure games on the Wii is going to have a very great effect on how willing Telltale would be to spend the time & money to port it to the Wii and also how willing Nintendo would be to allow them. No matter how well Sam & Max retail does, if Wii players don't like CSI Hard Evidence then Telltale is likely to take that into consideration as potentially meaning adventure games don't do well on the Wii and Nintendo is also going to have second thoughs about whether it's worth it to agree to some independent developer, even one with a successful game on the PC. The reality is, the first few adventure games for the Wii, and that could include Sam & Max is likely to have a very big effect in whether developers and Nintendo make adventure games for the Wii.

    Also, Telltale didn't need Ubisoft for the retail edition, they already had a finished product they just needed to publish it. For the Wii, perhaps Nintendo will not be interested in working with Telltale at this stage and so they may need to turn to a more well known publisher...

  • Telltale could always release it on the upcoming WiiWare?

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    Sam and Max is a pretty different animal from CSI, and though there is a crossover audience in "core adventure game fans," the people who buy CSI Wii in WalMart are generally a very different demographic from the people who would pre-order a Sam and Max Wii game from GameCrazy.

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