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Here's an idea i nabbed from another forum.

1. Go to wikipedia.
2. Press "Random Page"
3. This is your band name.
4. Press "Random Page"
5. This is the name of your band's album.
6. Press "Random Page" 12 more times.
7. These are the names of the songs on your album.
8. Post all of this here.

P.S. You can ignore lists, category pages and any overly long names (or people's names if they keep coming up, but sometimes you get real gems) and you can remove subtitles (eg if it's specifying it's a game or a novel or a movie or whatever) but otherwise don't cheat =)

My Attempt
Band:Biche of Balazote
Album:Sichuan pepper
[*]Shenyang J-5
[*]Hamman's syndrome
[*]Polystira vibex
[*]Welsh poetry
[*]Wallack's Theatre
[*]Shakumbhri Devi
[*]Alien Radio
[*]Spanish Christmas Lottery

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  • Band
    Further Instructions

    Beatrice Klugh/Theories

    Track Listing
    1. Relationships/Sayid
    2. The Lost Experience clues/May 8
    3. The Tunnels
    4. Chung
    5. Colombia
    6. A Tale of Two Cities transcript
    7. Expedition
    8. Cabin
    9. Lisa
    10. The Beginning of the End
    11. Charlotte Staples Lewis
    12. Blonde guy

  • Il try doctor who wiki now

    City of Death

    Dalek invasion of Earth

    Track Listing
    1. Santa Claus
    2. Project Twilight
    3. Something Borrowed
    4. Flavia
    5. A Star is Reborn
    6. Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet
    7. Dragonfire
    8. Nyssa
    9. Near-Human
    10. Total Event Collapse
    11. Starship UK
    12. Hiccup in Time

  • Band: Homestead Strike
    Album: Ulysses Currie

    [*]United States Senate election in Texas, 2008
    [*]Leather Lane
    [*]White Hill, England
    [*]List of Speakers of the Hellenic Parliament
    [*]Crisis Control
    [*]David Tapp
    [*]Mostly Other People Do the Killing
    [*]Telmatobius intermedius
    [*]Curse and abuse
    [*]Union Grove, Wisconsin
    [*]Kazakhstan at the 1998 Winter Olympics

    With HRWiki:

    Band: Original Games Menu
    Album: Block

    [*]DNA Evidence
    [*]Green Helmets
    [*]Some Type of Online Auction
    [*]Senior Prom
    [*]Typing Tutor Turbo
    [*]The Sad Kids
    [*]Don Knotts
    [*]Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
    [*]Little Girl
    [*]Quality Time
    [*]Googly-eyed Objects

    That one sounds like They Might Be Giants.

    With The Infosphere:

    Band: Academy of Inventors
    Album: Beta Romeo

    [*]Comic Listing
    [*]Gregg Vanzo
    [*]Old Freebie
    [*]Robot Lincoln
    [*]Early History
    [*]Jurassic Bark
    [*]Ceremonial Killamajig
    [*]Good Morning, Earth

  • Band

    Locally compact group

    1 -Baynard's Castle
    2 -1988–89 FDGB-Pokal
    3 -Karolewo, Gmina Wronki
    4 -Nar Phu language
    5 -Shimo-Hyōgo Station (Fukui)
    6 -Catochrysops panormus
    7 -Zamora River
    8 -Helen Keller International
    9 -No. 241 Squadron RAF
    10 -Give Up
    11 -Ysopet
    12 - Kevin Sorenson

  • Band: Ezhudesam
    Album: Koret Foundation

    1. Abilio
    2. John Whiston
    3. Augmented transition network
    4. Scottish Football Writers' Association
    5. Khubbayza
    6. Steve Fuchs
    7. Soul Brothers Six
    8. 16th Infantry Regiment (South Korea)
    9. Takematsu Station
    10. Morton Ira Greenberg
    11. Pinheirodontidae
    12. The Falls

    Pretty good album ;)

    Oh and here's from the Monkey Island wiki:

    Band: Dave Grossman (lol)
    Album: Musical themes in the Monkey Island series (luckyyy)

    1. VanSalad Family
    2. Mobey Dick
    3. Earl Boen
    4. Eunice
    5. Old Blind Pew
    6. Horoskop onet magia (wait, what?)
    7. Hugo
    8. Talkpage comments
    9. Ralphie
    10. GrimE
    11. The Siege of Spinner Cay
    12. Little LeChuck

    Not the ones I would have picked but anyway...

  • Band:Eurya Sandwicensis
    Album:Katie Kerwin McCrimmon
    [*]Tax Court of Canada
    [*]Law Society of British Columbia v. Mangat
    [*]Johnny Abrego
    [*]The Devil's Rejects (I guess this will be a Rob Zombie cover)
    [*]List of State Leaders in 1493
    [*]My Lucky Star
    [*]Volvo M90 Transmission
    [*]Kirinji Kazuharu

    Wow. My band writes songs about some weird topics.

  • @The Highway said:
    Trusted Execution Technology

    So, you're a metal band?

  • Star Wars Wiki

    Band: Dac
    Album: R'rüker'at Knife
    [*]Beru Lars's Flowers
    [*]Oron (Professor)
    [*]Rakatan Ruins
    [*]Montellian Serat
    [*]Jedi Sentinel
    [*]Madd Markos
    [*]Vectac Systems, Incorporated
    [*]UR-40M Patrol Speeder
    [*]Maintenance Droid
    [*]Tsuyoshi Nagano

    I can't believe my band would write and record a song about Beru Lars's flowers...

  • Sam and Max Wiki:
    Band Name: Sam and Max
    Album: Alternate past Sam & Max

    [*]Auntie Biotic
    [*]The Warden
    [*]The Undead
    [*]William Kasten
    [*]The Tomb of Sammun-Mak
    [*]Mr Featherly

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    using:homestar runner wiki
    band:store other 2d stuff
    album:Peasant's Quest Preview
    1.Halloween Potion-ma-jig Costumes
    2.Kid Speedy
    3.Glow Sticks
    4.Chad Eikhoff
    5.So and So
    8.Unusual Greetings
    10.3D Menu Screen Tests

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