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Want to Write for Cultural Zest?

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We're currently holding an open application for anyone interested.
By anyone interested, we really do mean ANYONE interested. But I'll explain that later.

Most of you may have noticed around these forums that my signature is plastered everywhere advertising Cultural Zest. Some of you may have even visited it, even after the constant annoyance it brings to my posts. And some of you may have even thought, "That would be the most awesome thing to do, to write for an online magazine..."

I can tell you that, if you don't count stuff like extreme sports or overseas travel, then yes, writing for an online magazine is pretty awesome!

We began in May (I think), and already we have 3 members on our writing staff. But we want more. And here's where the ANYONE interested comes into play.

At Cultural Zest, we have an idea, an idea that, since 1 hour ago, is called Multi-Cultural Zest, and basically what that means is that, at Cultural Zest, we want to be the world's first online magazine/review/interview site that has staff from every part of the world. That means that it doesn't matter if you're from Chile, France, Uganda, Luxembourg, the USA, Australia, Canada, Antarctica, whatever! Just as long as you can type in coherent English and have an internet connection!

So, anyway, enough of this mumbo-jumbo, on to the submissions part!

If you want to have a shot, this is what you need to do;

[LIST]Conduct an interview with someone notable, review a game that's come out recently, or put together a story about something happening in the cultural scene wherever you are.[/LIST]
[LIST]Send it to me at[/LIST]
[LIST]Sit back and wait for the announcement[/LIST]

Me, Haggis and OzzieMonkey will go through all of your submissions and whoever we think has the most potential will most likely get a writing position at Cultural Zest.


If you aren't picked, it's probably just because, well, with only one spot going in this "audition", it will be difficult to be assured a place even if you have a super awesome article.

That is, of course, unless the absolute worst possibility happens and only one or two people try. But I like to be optimistic.

The two closest runners up, as well as of course the one who is picked, will have their articles posted on the site.

Happy Writing!

Have your review sent to the previously mentioned address by no later then 11:59pm on the 30th of August in whatever timezone you are in.
Don't worry. We won't start looking until the 1st of September (nice round date), but we want to make sure that;
a)You can work with a deadline (although that won't be necessary much - just for games reviews)
b)You get your reviews to us on time for us to read them

Keep in mind that if I find anything in my inbox on the 2nd of September, no matter how great it is, you've missed your chance. Sorry.

By the way, for any smart asses, that's September 1st 2010.

We will try to announce the "winner" and "runners up" by September 7th - 10th, so the winner can celebrate on September 11th and feel like a dick...

Oh, and only one article per person will be judged.

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