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Going To Audio Production School

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So I've decided to go back to school. I've applied for the Audio in Media 6-month course at Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts. It's their longest and most in-depth course in audio engineering and covers basically everything that has to do with sound production (except mastering). It's a pretty jam-packed course but I'm excited about it nonetheless. It's the only audio production school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, or the whole prairies area of Canada. I think the closest other one is in Ontario.

It required a lot to apply, though. I needed a transcript of my last school, my resume, a cover letter, a 300-word essay on why I want to take this course and my goals of what to do with it, and an interview with the head administrator. The whole course is $8400.00. I checked it out and I'm covered under federal/provincial student loan. But should I be accepted I have 3 weeks to first come up with a $1000 advance instalment to hold my seat (there are only 15 seats!) which is deducted from the total $8400 afterwards. I guess it's a way to filter people out as they get a lot of applications.

A friend and I went in today for a tour of the facility (which caused much drooling on my part) and handed in our applications. I should hear back in a week or two about the interview and I should be receiving a word on whether or not I've been accepted in another 4-6 weeks after that. Once I'm accepted I have 3 weeks to come up with $1000 to hold my seat. So I have about 2 months to come up with the $1000 instalment. That's the only thing that has me worried right now. Of course if I don't make it in this year (September) I'll be continually applying for the next courses (next one is in March) until I make it in!

Wish me luck, folks. I'm really excited about this opportunity...

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