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elp im missing my dvd

posted by Kaldire on - last edited - Viewed by 135 users

When I originally ordered my DVD since I bought the episodes as a set, I also bought the casefile. Then it said I was on back order for it. I still havent gotten my DVD + casefile nor any confirmation. So later when the new merch hit I again ordered the casefile.. a sountrack.. and two prints signed. I have the 2nd purchase shipping already without the first one shipping. I STILL dont have my dvd! I cannot find any confirmation about anything in my emails for this first order can someone help on the telltale end im kinda freaked I will never get my DVD+casefile. But I will get this
samandmax-s1 Sam & Max Sea 1 1 1
samandmax-ef Sam & Max: Th 1 1 1
snm-street-s Sam & Max Pos 2 2 2

2 posters 1 eiffigy and a added casefile for my brother on their way. Still missing... my more casefile...and my darn game!

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  • Your order with the case file / DVD / soundtrack shipped on the 10th. Can you check your spam folder and see if the confirmation email went in there?

    The UPS website says it's "out for delivery" right now. I'll PM you the tracking number.

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