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Season One DVD!

posted by Maize on - last edited - Viewed by 299 users

[Pro] Extras! I haven't watched any of them yet, but I'm psyched. :) (I think I'll finish playing all the episodes first, though.)

[Pro] Works fine under VMWare Fusion! (Didn't work so well under Parallels Desktop.) This is more a Fusion thing than a Season 1 DVD thing, but nonetheless it means that now I can play it on my Mac without having to reboot into BootCamp. Serious plus there. V. excited.

[Con] Wait, I have to have the DVD inserted to play? Rrrrr. *sigh* That's highly irritating for those of us with laptops who want to be able to play the game without having to tote around the disc with us just in case we might want to play it or look all over the house to figure out where we left it.

Seriously, though, for those of you who have closely compared the two (and I'm sure that you exist), are there any big game differences other than the extras and so on between the download versions and the disc versions? If not, I think I may uninstall this and reinstall all the individual download versions just so I don't have to bring the DVD with me everywhere.

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