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Thoughts on Season 3 as a whole

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Well I don't see any place to ruminate on this season as a whole, so here we are.

I loved this season to death. The laughs just kept coming with every episode. Sam and Max Vs. Elder Gods and deranged pharoahs and Alien invaders seems very much in-keeping with the spirit of Sam and Max, even more than the previous two seasons.

For some reason, I had a hard time connecting this season with the previous two, though. Even though it obviously falls in the same continuity, it just doesn't flow from Season 2 the same way Season 2 did from Season 1. Maybe it's the lack of a regular office where the mementos from previous adventures are kept, maybe it's the lack of Bosco and (For most of the season) Sybil.

The changes were good, though, and opened up the door for much, much deeper storytelling. The willingness to break the mold brought about more risks, and I think all the risks payed off.

Max's powers were a fun addition. Rather than introducing new items in your inventory, they introduced new play mechanics, which was more satisfying (But it was at the sacrifice of inventory-based puzzles, which were kept to a minimum this season. This is still an adventure game series, and I still want lots of items.) I get the sense that they were maybe a bit too ambitious, though, as Max's powers seem to have unleashed the first stream of actual significant bugs I've seen in a Telltale game. Alternate Max didn't have powers, though, so it looks like we'll see a return to the norm in Season 4 (And there'd better be a season 4! I wanna see the baby!)

Above all, though, I loved Season 3. I've never had more moments playing a Telltale game where I just had to grin and think, "This is SO COOL!"

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  • The Devil's Playhouse has been completely and utterly EPIC. When I first bought The Penal Zone, it felt a I never could really ever figure out what was up with it. Anyway, after The Tomb of Sammun-Mak, each subsequent episode just kept topping the others in terms of epicness. When i finished Beyond the Alley of the Dolls, I remember thinking "God, how are they gonna top this??" Unfortunately, The City that Dares Not Sleep built and built and then just kind of died at the end. But as a whole, Season 3 was awesome. And I can't wait to see what Telltale does with Sam and Max in season 4.

  • Really loved this season.

    Story, production values and the plot was amazing, a huge step up from the previous season. The humor of course is throughout and consistent, although perhaps not as funny as season 2.

    All in all, probably my favourite season - thanks to you Telltale to restoring my faith in the series! :)

    But a

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