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super back to the future 2 snes

posted by marty mc fly 2015 on - last edited - Viewed by 502 users

anyone like the japanese super back to the future 2 game? i think they should of made super back to the future and super back to the future 3 to complete the trilogy of games , the game can be quite fun to play and the graphics are so colorfull and nice to see , hoverboarding through out the whole game rocks !

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  • I've always wanted to play that. It looks awesome!

  • the game does come up on ebay some times , im in the uk and got mine sent from japan , the game is great and still very good to play today in 2010 even thow its 20 years old ! its a must for all bttf fans

  • knowone interested in this game then ?

  • AVGN showed some footage from the game in his BTTF retrospective video. It looked awesome, but I guess the game's pretty hard to find nowadays.

  • A good ol' platformer, but nothing to hype about.

    It's kind of a bad idea to hope for sequels to that game. There will be issues with copyright that the developers wouldn't like to even bother with (and I think that might be the reason why the first game never released outside Japan). Plus, a 2D platformer of BTTF in this gaming era? No, man. Franchise has a much bigger potential.

    I believe this potential will be used fully by Telltale, though.

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