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"Regular Show" Adventure Game?

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So i've heard not too long ago that Cartoon Network had already premiered a new cartoon from the creator of "The Misadventures of FlapJack" titled: "Regular Show". It features a six foot tall Blue Jay named Mortacai and his friend, a brown racoon named Rigby. These two dudes apparently live in a house and work in this "Park". Their boss is named Benson. He's a Gum machine with arms and legs. And occasionly, a person named "Pops" appears every so often. He's actually a Lolipop, but it's KINDA hard to tell. There is also a gorilla named Skips, who never runs OR walks...just Skips. So since i live in Canada and don't have Cartoon Network, i decided to try and search some episodes to watch, and there they were! I watched and thought "This HAS to be one of the best things i've seen in a LOONG time!" The show itself is quiet, random and sometimes disturbing. The two main characters are goofy, stupid, and imature. Kinda like Sam and Max! To show you what these guys looks like, here's a pic showing most of the characters....

Each episode is shown once a week and is 15 minutes long. By the time this series finishes, i think it'll be a HUGE hit. So I thought to myself: "What if they made an adventure game out of this? This SEEMS like the kind of random humour that can be used for a Telltale game. It's like a mix of Sam and Max and Strong Bad!" So what do you guys think? Could this be a good idea, or will it become an uninteresting idea? Should this be a big game, or should it just stick with the cartoon? If you want to see an example of this show, here it is. This is the Pilot they showed a year before the actual cartoon premiered...

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