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What I think of Sam and Max

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Just thought I'd let the team that put Sam and Max together know what I thought of it.
I hate point and click games. I mean I hate 'em. I always get frustrated by stupid, unlikely puzzles that you'd only solve through frustration or cheating, rather than logic.
I only tried Ep 1 because I was bored and didn't have a great budget that weekend. Steam flashed Sam and Max at me for $8.95 and I bit like an angry cod.
Turns out it was more fun than I've had with any game in a very long time and I was compelled to buy the other 5 episodes.
The puzzles might stump me some times, but they're never ridiculous, illogical combos like "toothpaste + carpet = love doll"
Every time I'm stumped, it's always my own oversight, not some idiotic combination of item and prop that never even made sense to the guy who thought of it in the first place.
But I digress... My reasons for hating adventure games don't apply to Sam and Max.
It's a blast and I've never laughed so much at a game before. I've still got two episodes to go, but I don't think my opinion will change before I finish them.
Well done, Telltale. I'm looking forward to more :)

Oh, and if you got sam and max through steam and any of them are crashing on startup, right click the game in steam, click properties, click the Local files tab, then click "Verify integrity of game cache..."
Ep 4 was crashing on me, turns out something went wrong during the download and it was fixed this way.

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