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Which TTG games have you bought so far?

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Which games have you purchased from Telltale?

This includes any gaming platform/console, retail store purchases and DLC clients such as Steam.
It also includes games acquired for free via coupons and limited time offers (filesharing doesn't count.)

only check SoMI:SE if you bought it from Telltale's Store, since it's not actually a game made by Telltale.


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  • This would be easier if it was just posted by TTG :D they probably have figures about how much they sold.

  • Yes, but where's the fun in merely looking at sales figures?

  • sales figures don't account for the fact that only the people on this forum are the important ones.

    Also SHADONfan bought everything. He wins.

  • I literally have EVERYTHING. Except CSI, which is rated M, so i can't play it.

  • Aww, I by mistake chacked The CSI games. I don't actually have them.

  • I pre-ordered Monkey Island 2 special edition from steam and got Monkey Island 1 special edition free which put me right back into Monkey Island mode so I bought Tales of Monkey Island without hesitation (I stayed away for ages because I didn't like the sound of episodic gaming and Escape from Monkey Island was disapointing. Liked the idea of an unplayed Monkey Island as a hope beacon, if I played it and it was bad I'd have been crushed).

    Got Sam & Max Series 3 *cough I'm British cough* for free from Playstation Plus and just 3 episodes combined with Monkey Islands triumphant return has pretty much converted me into a TTG wailing fanboy. I just took a break before episode 4 to come and buy the adventure bundle and poker night at the inventory. This poll is now my official to-buy checklist.

    Seriously though I now consider you guys the same was I consider Double Fine, if you release it I'll buy it, even if its meh worthy I'll buy it. Even if its terrible I will probably buy it, just don't take 9 years to make Tales of Monkey Island Series 2 please. Too bad Murray couldn't make the poker game, Max and Murray in same room would probably make it explode in awesomeness, you are now imagining with glee the mischief those two could do:D.

  • I own all the games except the newest Poker one. I own MI:SE also but I got it through steam.

    I also own _2_ copies of all S+M S2 games (4 copies of Ice Station Santa) plus 2 copies of several other of their games from promos. (technically will own 3 of S2 and 2 of S3 when I get my end-of-season-collection DVDs)

    Started by collecting all the "Free" games send out in the newsletter, then buying the TTG Everything pack off Steam, then bought S+M S3 and the Adventure Bundle.

  • @StrongBrush1 said: I literally have EVERYTHING. Except CSI, which is rated M, so i can't play it.

    Lol, are you kidding?

  • Despite my long knowledge of the site, I'm really lacking in their product line (for instance: just bought TOMI this week ;))

    So along with TOMI, I have all of Sam & Max and W&G, Puzzle Agent and an episode of Strong, I guess that's a basic Telltale product line.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I have every Telltale game available on the site, except for Poker Night at the Inventory, which I plan to get next week along with the Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe Edition.

    On top of that, I have CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder (interesting how the poll doesn't have any other option than just a generic CSI option). I don't have the other CSI games, but I plan on getting them at some point.

    I have all of the Telltale games that I own in DVD or CD form (including the Telltale Texas Hold'Em retail CD), except for Tales of Monkey Island (I will have it soon once I get the deluxe edition and it ships) and The Devil's Playhouse (for obvious reasons ;)).

    Since polls don't let you change your vote at a later date, I checked off Poker Night since I'll own it soon. :)

    I own The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition twice: I bought it once on GamersGate, then I got it again when I preordered Monkey Island 2: Special Edition on Steam. I doubt I'll buy it again from Telltale's site. :p

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