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The Telltale Community Dinner AT PAX!

posted by Icedhope on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users

Allright, so I know a few of the telltalers are going to be attending Pax, and I know we are gamers, and I know we get hungry.

So this is my plan to have a community dinner at Pax.

This is the plan so far.

The Dinner Kells

Time&Date. Friday Sept 3rd @8pm

Price Will probably be 10 dollars with that includes food and drink.

The Plan: To meet up at the door, get seated, order food, and have a blast.

Also this doesn't go for just the people attending Pax, oh no this goes to the telltalers in the seattle area too.

So with all that said, who may be able to come and eat, and game?

Coming: Giant Tope

Will be there in paper form Avistew

Will be there spirutaly: Captain Mickey

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