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I just bought the Earth

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The world map

Some guy with a big hat and a plaid jacket sold me the planet Earth for a couple pieces o' eight a couple days back. I only now realise I have no idea what to do with the thing, so I've decided to give it all away. Not all to one person of course, there'd be no fun in that. Instead, I will give away parts of it to different people and watch them rule their country as they see fit and warring between them and stuff.
So in this thread you can ask for a region of the world.
You cannot rule more than 50 million people so some countries will have to be broken up and some will be joined together. The largest cities can be city-states.
Tell me how you will rule your 'kingdom' (empires welcome too), how you will develop it and how you will treat your peasants and stuff You can rename your countries if you like.
You cannot request the Caribbean, however. I'm keeping that for myself.
EDIT: It is recommended, especially if you want a region that is in high demand (Like New York or Britain), that you give me good reasons to give it to you (Think 50 metre high statues of me).
EDIT2: I got Mr. Winslow to make me a map of the world as it is now. Please check the map before trying to claim a country, because it may already be claimed by someone else.

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