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MI2;SE Audio commentary "Bone Chair"

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Hi everyone.

I'm just rolling through Monkey Island 2; Special Edition.
In the commentary they're talking about the acid pit puzzle and the bone chair dialogue.
One of the three mentioned that it was inspired by someone who really murdered his wife and made a chair out of her.

Does anyone know the person they mean?

They thought it was H.R. Giger or William S. Burroughs, but there's nothing about them killing anyone on the internet!

Thanks in advance!

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  • There's an urban legend that H.R. Giger did something with the bones of his ex-romantic partner Li Tobler (who left him and later committed suicide) -- made a chair, or hung them from the ceiling, or something like that. It was referenced in some of the special features surrounding the Alien films, and probably originally gained traction because of the general weirdness of Giger's art, and because he unquestionably has used actual human bones in his work. They were taken from medical supply sources, however ... nothing as morbid as using the remains of his former lover! An interviewer asked Giger about this directly less than a year ago, and Giger categorically denied it. The video was posted on the Alien Experience forum, and you can view it by clicking here.

  • Thanks for the quick reply Admonisher.
    That Giger really is an interesting man and, scary as it may be, I just totally love these kind of myths.

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