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I just started the game, but something is really starting to bother me. Why do I get to choose an answer, if Guybrush is going to say a completely different thing anyway?
At the beginning I thought I could have hit the wrong one, then I thought it was a joke, and now I starting to think that this is really poor writing.
As implausible as one line of dialogue may be, there should be an almost implausible answer. Not just a normal line of dialogue!

I really, really hope it'll get better, or I'll be really angry.

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  • It's an old running gag from the older Monkey Island games, but they did overuse it a bit in Narwhal, particularly in that conversation with Nipperkin. Don't worry, it won't be used too much.

  • Yeah, it is a bit over-used in Narwhal, but it's not used as much later on, and it's hardly used at all in later episodes. So never mind. Keep playing, man.

  • I played the old games when they first came out, but the first conversation with Nipperkin was beginning to drive me nuts.
    I was curious to see the replies to some of the answers and as the conversation was going on I was getting more frustrated.
    Thank you, for the answers.
    I just bought the game and that railroaded talk was really bothering me.

  • It seems as though they just wanted to add some interactivity to that first conversation, but yeah, it was done badly. They could've easily just had Nipperkin constantly interrupting Guybrush or something. That would've made sense, and been funny.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I was replaying the entire season in the last weeks, and still this conversation felt like an inside joke that no one ever explains. I just don't get it!

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