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  • @Darth Marsden said: Oh, well if you insist.

    It's a fun game! You won't regret it.

  • It's $4.99 directly from the developer, too, and you can get a Steam key.

    brawsome, do you get a bigger cut of the sale if we buy a Steam key directly from you?

  • @brawsome said: saying you can't make an adventure about pirates because of Monkey Island is like saying you can't make a first person shooter about World War 2 because of Wolfenstein.

    You have a point. If an adventure game was high fantasy with certain references to fairy tales, I don't know if as many people would call such a game 'a King's Quest clone' compared to the number of people who compare any and all piratey adventure games to Monkey Island.

    I saw Jolly Rover in GameStop yesterday. Didn't get it. (was looking for specific games at the time) =\

    I see that it's currently $5.00 both from the developer and from Steam. Wow.

    I haven't played the demo yet. Ah, to heck with it. I'm buying this. It's 5 bucks, I mean come on, really. Wouldn't you buy a game from TTG if it was 5 bucks, even having not tried it yet? If it was $15, I might have tried the demo first, but it would seem to me that people aren't saying "this game is good but ToMI is better" as was said about Bill Tiller's GPoVI (which I have not played.)

    As such, I'm buying it and giving the whole game a try. I'll post again later when I've beat it.

  • @Chyron8472 said: I'll post again later when I've beat it.

    I lied.

    At first glance I notice a few things:

    Such that I'm still in the brig at the moment, the graphics so far look very good. Somewhere between MI2:SE and CMI, which is good. (sorry about the MI comparison.)

    The first dialogue tree says "[CLICK TO SELECT]" next to each option. Maybe it's me, but having played many an adventure game, I would think that newbies would only need it to say that the first time, and for it not to be present after having clicked something. Meh, I'm being nitpicky.

    The blue-text-for-new-dialogue, white-text-for-old approach for mouseover objects is good. I like that idea. Also, I like that the mouse cursor goes nearly transparent during cutscenes.

    One thing about the options menu though. When you mouse over the check boxes, they highlight with a red check mark. This mouseover check mark persists even after having unchecked an option (eg. turning subtitles off,) so one has to know to move the mouse away from a check box in order to see whether an option is on or off. I was confused at first when messing with settings. I thought that they were buggy and wouldn't turn off until I moved the cursor away and realized the issue. The highlight ought to either only apply to the initial mouseover, or the box ought to highlight instead of the check mark.

    Good game so far (talking to Ron atm.) Voice acting is spot on. [nitpick]There were a couple of lines from DeSilver that seemed to sound as though recorded a tad louder than the rest of the dialogue [/nitpick], but the inflections of words in all the dialogue from everyone so far is great.

    Also this...

    Ron: Yar, where be yer sense of adventure?
    Rover: I believe I left it in my other pants.

    lol epic. =D

    Truth be told, this game seems way worth more than 5 bucks. More than 15 even. Heck, I'd have paid 30 for it.

  • Playthrough complete.

    This is a very good game. No, it's not like Monkey Island. It's not. Really. It does have certain things in the game that are inspired by Monkey Island, but this game is really quite different in tone. Sure, Gaius isn't a pirate either when the game starts out, but that's about it. Guybrush Threepwood has this loveable ineptitude about himself combined with rather overt silliness in Monkey Island, where Gaius and Jolly Rover are not really like that. It's still a great game, it just is different in tone.

    Having developer commentary (which is only available after playing through once already) and item-get dependent unlockable stuff were good ways to create replay value.

    I watched a review of this game, and it's true that this game is targeted for adults. It's not really "effed-up" like the review seems to indicate, but it does have women (female dogs) calling themselves "bitches" in one particular scene and there are a few sexual connotations throughout the story (though I'm not sure children would pick up on them.) ...Though after thinking about that, SoMI also does have sexual connotations/references in certain dialogue, but still Jolly Rover's tone is targeted more for adults.

    I highly recommend this game. Also, It's currently only 5 bucks from Steam.

  • @Chyron8472 said: but it does have women (female dogs) calling themselves "bitches" in one particular scene

    Well bitch means female dog so I don't see a problem here.

  • because it's derogatory. obviously. which is one of the reasons why it's not really for kids.

    If my young nephew called his dog a bitch, his mother would be mad at him and he'd get in trouble I'm sure. I don't know what it's like where you live, but in the US, we don't call our dogs bitches. It's just not a polite term to use. As well these are not ordinary dogs anyway. They are anthropomorphic dogs, which means they have human characteristics... and they call themselves bitches (albeit in only one scene.)

    So yes, it should be obvious why that would be an issue for children.

  • @Chyron8472 said: I highly recommend this game. Also, It's currently only 5 bucks from Steam.

    I also recommend that you buy it. It's a really good pirate adventure game; you guys would have killed for a game like this 2 years ago. And if it weren't for the release of ToMI, this game would have recieved a lot more recognition and would have probably been much more successful - it really was unfortunate timing for Brawsome. So, this is another reason why you should go and buy this game - to give it the success that it deserves: the success that it would have received had ToMI not been released just before it.

  • I grabbed it in the sale although I have to play all the games from the Great Adventure Bundle 2010 first...

  • Far out, is there anywhere that this game hasn't been on special? It's now a quarter of it's original price over at the Adventure Shop.

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