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Fisheyes Alabaster Backstory - A Request to TTG

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I'm currently listening to the developer commentary of each episode of Tales of Monkey Island on the DVD, and I'm up to the third episode. In the video, it is mentioned by Sean Vanaman (at least I think it was Sean - I get the voices mixed up) that there was a 'giant backstory' written for Fisheyes Alabaster (the guy in the portrait - see below) that was cut from the game by Joe Pinney. It was then suggested that they "post it somewhere in the DVD", but, evidently, it never was posted.

Fisheyes himself!... actually, a portrait of him.

So, anyway, after revealing this backstory, there was naturally going to be at least one Monkey Island fan that was going to eventually follow this up, and that fan is... well, me. So, seeing as how the backstory was never put on the DVD as a 'goodie', I was wondering if it could be posted somewhere on the TTG website, if possible. At the risk of sounding like a MI fanboy (oh, too late?), I personally love to hear the backstory to Fisheyes Alabaster. But I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one who'd be appreciative - I'm just one of a whole load of fans who're eager to get our claws on any scrap of MI-related info or bonus content. You know how we are. Thanks.

Update: We have it guys, thanks to Sean Vanaman! See post #7 in this thread.

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