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Sam & Max episode 1 sound problem

posted by TrogLlama on - last edited - Viewed by 408 users

I just today decided to try replaying Season 1 on my mom's new laptop (which is running Vista, might have something to do with it...).
However, I'm running into a (admittedly inconsequential, but annoying nevertheless) problem with the sound where I'm getting these random popping noises, similar to how sound on old movies pops and crackles but with less frequency and more 'poppiness.'
Any ideas?

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  • i had the same problem with my new vista ultimate laptop where the sound crackles i couldn't find a solution

    what sound card do you have?

    my problems thread

    its either a vista bug or a game bug in my case

  • It's most likely due to poorly written drivers. Your sound card is likely using a generic Vista driver. If you could go into control panel and find which brand and model of sound card you're using, I could probably find some drivers for you mady by the manufacturer.

  • For the record, it's not a vista problem, I'm running a pretty powerful Desktop on XP, with a Soundblaster X-fi card, and I'm getting the same issue

  • Sorry for the double post, but I narrowed it down to the sound effects...I turn sound effects off and it stops, and it goes away. What I think it is from observation is basicalls all of the sound effects are running at super speed. so at places like the office, I only hear it when Max is walking around and it's somewhat quiter than when you in, say, the psych's office where the balls are constantly clanging....sorry amateur diagnosis...but hopefully right so it can be fixed

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