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Know why science doesn't disprove God all together?

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Because real scientists have theories, solve for probability... Real scientists don't waste their time trying to disprove or prove a God in these petty arguments. Any evidence for or against that is professional, and highly praised isn't one sided and for your use for your childish, primitive, arguments either.

True science does not deal with bias so how can you prove or disprove a God? There is no definitive, measurable answer.

True science doesn't try to disprove a God, nor is it used as a argument for anything. Even gravity is a theory because when you get deep enough into the mechanics of the universe it is but just a theory to entertain our minds...There's extremely complexity beyond anything we've ever tried to define, quantify, measure. Lot's of it isn't even multidimensional structured in thought...

This isn't a black and white issue, it's transparent and you can't just see it one way or the other.

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  • @Ashton said: Jesus of Nazareth performed "miracles." these are the basis for his claim to being a God. However, how do we know that "Jesus" wasn't really an alien with technology far beyond our own who was bored and decided to have some fun with the "primitive" races of Earth? Even with today's technology, if you went back to that time period you could easily pull off claims of Magic or Godly powers. So How can we be sure that Jesus wasn't really an alien, bending the laws of physics through technology that acted on a level we have yet to master, for his own amusement. (Or if you want to see it in a more benevolent light, perhaps he was trying to help out our world and things went south, so he decided it was better to wait and/or let someone else try to help us)

    Jesus is Ziggy Stardust.

  • @S@bre said: Jesus is Ziggy Stardust.

    Now THAT would have been awesome! :D

  • @Ashton said: Now THAT would have been awesome! :D

    Jesus played guitar... Jamming good, with Joe and Judas! And Disciples from Mars!

  • @Comrade Pants said: Jesus played guitar... Jamming good, with Joe and Judas! And Disciples from Mars!


  • I suddenly really like the direction this thread has gone. :D

  • Where does this put Major Tom?

  • @doodo! said: Where does this put Major Tom?

    The "Prophet" Muhammed is Major Tom.

  • Closing this thread. Not really the place for this. Derailed or otherwise.

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