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Which game is the funniest in the series?

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Which game do you think is the funniest in the series and has the best voice acting and why?

The Secret Of Monkey Island(yes I know, no voice acting in the original and number 2, but thare are in the newly released versions)

Monkey Island 2: Lechuck Revenge

The Curse Of Monkey Island

Escape from Monkey Island

Tales Of Monkey Island(all 5 seasons, which I consider a whole game)

List them in order, so the first is the funniest in your opinion and state your reasons.

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  • 1. Tales
    2. Curse
    3. Escape
    4. Revenge
    5. Secret

    I'm still impressed that Tales managed to be both the funniest and possibly darkest game in the series.

  • 1. Curse
    2. Tales
    3. Secret
    4. Escape
    5. LeChuck's Revenge

    Curse was my first MI game and it just hit so many high points that I honestly couldn't rank it any lower. The voice acting, art style and puzzles had me chuckling just about every time I did something ("You fool, you just gave cheese to a lactose intolerant Volcano God!" is the one line that I remember most, probably because I'll randomly shout it during lulls in conversations). Tales ranks slightly lower, but it did hit a great mix of comedy and serious plot.

    Secret, the insult swordfighting and the whole governor's mansion thing just slays me every time, but the slogging through the woods bit and the hike through the caverns of Monkey Island drags it down for me. Escape was actually quite funny and I'll readily admit I enjoyed it, but it did feel like the game lost focus at points. LeChuck's Revenge ranks last because it always felt like the most serious Monkey Island game to me for some reason, though I know Tales' content is much darker in places.

  • 1. Curse
    2. Tales
    3. LeChuck's Revenge
    4. Secret
    5. Escape

  • Revenge for sure. The dialogue options for Guybrush are snarky and hilarious.

  • 1. Revenge
    2. Tales
    3. Curse
    4. Escape
    5. Secret

  • Just watched the frontpage trailer for Tales of Monkey Island, and...I had legitimate smiles! What little I've played of Sam & Max (only partway into the first episode) hasn't struck my chords as well as it'd hope, but this... Maybe I should skip over the Special Editions for a bit.

    On that note, I resent that trailer for the first Special Edition on this site for spoiling things for me. Especially at the end, there were a couple things that I can only hope I forget about by the time I get to playing again. Seriously, I feel hella miffed.

  • @Falanca said: First two games weren't intended to be "funny"

    I don't know how anyone in the world could possibly have come to this mistaken impression.

  • This is difficult for me, I'd say Curse and LeChucks Revenge at tops, I would rate Secret as third even though I'm sick of that game now and possibly Escape and Tales on the same level, but only because Escape had a different kind of style at being funny, it was more parody.

  • Secret

    I remember one line specifically from Secret when Guybrush was talking to Meathook. After you apologize for calling him bald, Meathook says something like, "It's okay. At least I don't wear a ponytail." One of the dialogue options are "Ha ha ha." and the other is "I meant to say chrome dome." I thought the way they carried on with the bald jokes was hilarious.

    Curse was just... amazing in every way. "Open up! Open up! I need chicken!". In Tales, I liked how Guybrush didn't necessarily say the exact thing on the dialogue options.
    Guybrush's sarcastic snarky-ness in Revenge wasn't really my preferred type of humor, though generally, I thought it was pretty funny. And I loved Freddie and the Myst o' Times in the fourth, but other than that, it wasn't really as funny as the others.

  • Curse (It has so much atmosphere, the line quality is so rich. The colors are brilliant. The vocals are lively and beautifully work with the visuals. The animation is perfect. )
    Innovative, original feeling. Full of life. Murray. Clean, coherent, low stress level playing, fun, inspiring. Yet still has CREATIVE AND CHALLENGING puzzles which are humorous.

    Tales = Escape (The graphics have ups and downs. The jokes are plenty, some are hilarious. The vocals are rich, the colors are great, but some times a little bland...the animation is a little unbalanced, too technical, not very organic, some times mechanical... Though Tales definitely improves on animation. Tales is full of life, new characters, innovations. Escape is refreshing in the same right with it's shocking plot twists. Tales has all those damn maps at the beginning, it's sort of bitter and stressful. Escape has a few really crazy puzzles too like the time clock puzzle.
    Still their creative and humorous puzzles in the games.

    MI 1-2 (4-5)

    Yeah, well...
    The humor is dry in the first game, I laughed a few times. For the time they keep up with the others though. Going back to them, I would rate them where they are at on this list. I am considering special editions but Largo from the demo turned me off really quick.

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