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Tales of Monkey Island for $4.99 USD (86& off) on Steam

posted by TJF588 on - last edited - Viewed by 143 users

Thanks to the RSS of, the matter of ToMI being on a deep sale over on everyone's favorite DRM has come to attention.

There's nothing in Steam's newsfeed about it yet, and it seems like a bit of an odd time for this kind of a sale to start. Maybe a severe aftershock from Play Like a Pirate? (Which, BTW, offered the ToMI DVD a bit too late for me; that 20% off would've been only a few bucks, though, but then I could've spent it on a Steam copy, eh?)

So, for those of you that like to keep your games in one place (if that place is Steam), here's your chance to effectively get each Episode for about a buck.

EDIT: Just saw this thread about Halloween/All Souls' Day and ToMI Chapter 4, so perhaps this sale will be lasting through then?

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