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Ideas for dialouge

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Post your ideas for potential dialouge in the game.

Heavy loses to tycho
(Heavy points his finger like a gun at Tycho)
tycho: Oh please threatening me with your invisible gun is not -
Heavy: POW!
(Tycho's head explodes)
Strong Bad: I may be a bit in over my head with this...
Max: Do it again! Do it again!

Edit: A competition to decide on the best suggested dialouge is now in progress. Here's the rules

1. You can nominate up to two snippets.
2. You cannot nominate yourself.
3. the top 5-10 willl be put into a poll and the a winner will be decided by puplic vote.
4. Their is no tangible reward for this contest. It's just a bit of fun. But maybe if Telltale takes notice...

P.S. You can nominate my enteries. Just saying ;)

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  • @seibert999 said: i vote strongbrush1's "what are the others up to"

    Thank you for your support, citizen.

    *Psst. Meet me in the ObviousCave at 9:00.*

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    @StrongBrush1 said: Thank you for your support, citizen.

    *Psst. Meet me in the ObviousCave at 9:00.*

    thanks for blurting our secret lair out


    but yeah, yours was pretty good. i also found trogdorman's very funny.

    @Trogdorman said: Strong Bad: Alright Bunny M'n!! Prepare to enter: (Lays out 4 jacks) THE JACKSHANK REDEMPTION!!!!!!

    Max: Touche' Strong Bad. But a lagamorph always has (Lays out 4 aces) 4 ACES UP HIS SLEEVES!!!!!!!

    Strong Bad: 4 ACES?!?!?!!? WHAT THE CRAP?!?!!? Where'd you keep 4 aces?!?!

    Max: ...From my sleeves.

    Strong Bad: you're naked! Where do you keep your sleeves?

    Max: none of your damn business Strong Bad.

  • @koiboi59 said: YES NOW I KNOW WHERE TO PUT THE BOMB!

    but yeah, yours was pretty good. i also found trogdorman's very funny.

    We didn't give you the location of the ObviousCave, did we.

    But thanks.

  • @StrongBrush1 said: We didn't give you the location of the ObviousCave, did we.

    But thanks.

    well i happen to have one of them yellow page books and theres only to "obvious caves in the whole world". although i only have one bomb. hmmm...

  • Back on-topic:

    SB (to heavy): Hey now that were somewhat like brothers since you keep calling me "Leetle Heavy" (whic I STILL don't know what you mean by that) does that mean when this is over... I get to move to the land of Team Fortress?!
    H: Uhhhhh... Let me see with my team. *calls team.
    (engie picks up): Hello?
    H: Leetle heavy wants to join team.
    E: Uhhh... did e fill out the respawn waiver?
    H: Er.... no.
    E: I'll wait til ya do but can you hurry it up were in kind of a problem.
    H (holding the waiver): HERSIGNTHIS
    SB: Uhhhh... ok?
    H (with signed paper) (to Engie): He signed it! can he join team nao?
    E: He wouldn't happen to have his own weapons would he?
    H *borrowing from one poster's idea: He has leetle Natacha.
    E: Good enough!

  • strongbad: ah screw this i going to play some games
    max: err what games
    strongbad: videlectrix games
    heavy: SHOW AT ME!!!
    {strongbad picks up a Compy Compé, laptop, of course the Compé. The Compé's logo fades in and a shine appears in the background. The logo then retracts itself and fades out, at which point the screen is replaced with a desktop. The wallpaper is a blurry, slightly pixelated shot of grass. There is a single icon on the top-left corner of the desktop: a pixelated image of Strong Bad's head in an envelope, titled "sbemail.exe" and "Peasant'sQuest.exe" A pixelated cursor is seen on the screen, double-clicks on the Peasant'sQuest.exe icon}

    strongbad: {strongbad shows sam, heavy and tycho} here.

    {A still Videlectrix logo with the Mascot appearing on a gray screen. The Cheat in a Tire falls down to the middle of the screen, running over the Mascot. He gives the 'OK' signal, pleasent quest tittle apperes}

    tycho: thats a S***Y game i ever seen

    max: ok ok lets watch

    otis as narrator: {reading the words on screen} 12 HOURS LATER.

    {at max and heavy crying at the chair they watch it when trogdor burns Rather Dashing}

    max: {crying}

    heavy: {crying} Uwaaaaaaah!


    strong bad: don't worry they are just weird after all

    {porker night invetory boxart apperes}

    narrator: {reading the words on screen} get your own porker night for just $2.99 at gamestop

    {gamestop logo apperes}

    narrator: gamestop power to the players {coin sound}

    ANNOUNCER: {voiceover} rated E to M

  • You know what? I'm going to be nice and not spam infults and instead fix it!

    @pepsiboy3 said:
    Strong bad: *after losing with a good hand (like he has 6,7,8,9,10 straight flush and he loses to a higher straight flush) Ah screw this crap, I'm gonna go play some GOOD games.
    max: err what games?
    strong bad: Videlectrix games!
    heavy: Uh what eez dat?
    Strong bad: Well let me show you guys. Good thing I swiped strong sad's new laptop bub's sold him. *picks up REALLY old looking computer and puts in the peasant's quest diskette. Turns it to the others.* Here, take a look.
    *totally plays the Peasant's Quest Videlectrix intro and not the awesome cross intro which would have absolutely no purpose or relevance to be used in this scene!*
    tycho: this looks like ****
    max: Don't shoot him down tycho, i wanna see a dragon die!
    heavy: Killing eez good!
    tycho: Fine whatever.
    *We see just a black screen that says 2 hours later with some elevator music in the background, and there are no nickolodeon characters are narrating it!*
    *Also at this point max and heavy left to go on shooting spree*
    tycho: So what was the point of that?
    strong bad: What do you mean?
    tycho: I mean, he just dies. From a sucky dragon.
    strong bad: Hey man trogdor is awesome!
    tycho: It's just a sucky video game. i don't see why you bought it. It seems like a waste of mo- *at this point strong bad leaped at him and he starts pummeling him*

    Well I tried. It's really hard when he posts such unfunny stuff. Especially since half of it was useless (the very idea of it being a gamestop commercial), irrelevant (seriously, why did he put the awesome cross intro instead of the peasant's quest intro?), and false (The heavy kills people for a living and also works beside a fire-wielding maniac while max is psychotic and enjoys killing, I don't think either cries about death) So how bad was my attempt?

  • well koiboi59 did you heard of gamespot?

  • @pepsiboy3 said: well koiboi59 did you heard of gamespot?

    What does that awful site have to do with anything?

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