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Share your favorite Sam and Max Quotes

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Just a thread to have you share your favorite quotes from the Sam and Max games.

My Personal Favorite:
Sam: This phone only takes Dutch guilder Coins.
Max: Sorry, all I have is some Yuan, a couple of Euros, and about six bucks in Italian Lira.
Sam: Where do you keep all that change?
Max: In my sock, of course.
Sam: You're naked! Where do you keep your sock?
Max: THAT is none of your damn business.

What's your favorite?

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  • @Player_2 said: I just replaced Moai Better Blues...

    Little!Max: Will you cut the crusts off?
    Girl Stinky: Sorry, I seem to have misplaced my knife.
    Little!Max: You probably left it in the real Stinky's body. It's an honest mistake.

    Stinky: That's silly, you little rascals. Now run along and play, before I call child services.

  • Little Max or Sam?: Did you mean not to have a moustache or was it a shaving accident

  • Almost all the lines Future Sam has.

    Future Max: Oh, Sam? He's kind of in his own world now.
    Future Sam: I can't shoot Max!
    Sam: Looks like all those years of adventuring really got to him.
    Future Sam: I can't reach that...

  • Not entirely sure which game it's from but one of my favorites:

    Max: Rules are for marking straight lines and lesser mortals

  • Pretty sure that one's from Reality 2.0. I love that line, too. I try to work it into as many conversations as possible. Same with the "It wasn't exactly ironic, but I didn't care" thing from 303.

  • I can't quite remember how it goes, but it's something like this,
    "Pointless query that's somehow related to our current situation"
    "Random response that hints at mental instability"
    "You crack me up, Little Buddy"

    "Look at all the menus!"
    "Hey, she misspelled "appetizer""
    "Stop saying things out of character!"

  • spaceball: "i've taken the liberty of installing an amusing bobble-headed doll in the oval office, sir. so far, no one seems to have noticed."

  • Little Sam & Max in stinkys diner say some of the funniest stuff, the tomb of sammun mak had some great stuff too

  • "She was a real no-nonsense dame. With legs up to here! Hairy legs, but still"

    "Nervous about having a trio of ace detectives in your restraunt?" "No, I just have to move some... things... out of... the meat locker..."

    "All the young people go to und gymnasiums wit zeir t-shirts that say 'They are probly hiding zee cow' "

    "We're just not famous enough!" "We're both TV stars and you're the president!" "Correction: We're not hot chicks"

    There's a lot more, I just can't recall them right now.

  • Computer in skun kapes ship: where do you keep your personal belongings?
    Max: That's none of your damn business computer.
    When you use the ring on a few people in episode one,
    Sam: Would you mind being the one to
    Monkey: Scram
    Sam: Geez buddy you could've atleast let Me down easy
    when you use the ring on max,
    Skun kape on the ship in episode one: Stay strong skunkape don't let them know you're crying inside,
    Sam: According to this machine it's not possible for me and max to even exist (both dissapear then reappear) oh wait I was reading it wrong,
    Max: Look at that guy destroying things, terrorising My city and causing random chaos...that's My job (or something like that).
    Max: Touching is My favourite thing to do to things (everyone looks at him) if you wanted to know the second one is licking.

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