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ttg dropping xbox 360 development??

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pleasee understand i don't want to start a flame war or a microsoft supremisist thread!

Basically, i've noticed since wallace and gromit's xbla release troubles there's been a lack of xbla releases from telltalegames.. Even though in a press release somewhere, ttg said releasing tales of monkey island on xbla was a top priority because of the sames of smi:se and mi2:se.. And back to the future was meant to be on all platforms!

But neither have surfaced, back to the future's xbox development seems to have been brushed under the rug, s&m season three hasb't been ported yet, and there appears to be no official word on anything :( - apart from the new csi game definately out on the xbox at retail, in line with the other platforms...

am I missing something? Does anyone know if we're getting xbox ports of these great titles? I own them all on the pc, but aside from monkey island i've been waiting for and completing the xbla versions!

Looking forward to an answer if anyone has one!


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  • In the case on the Xbox 360, it means merger the games into a single job and release it as a Season download, like what they've done with Sam & Max, this requires a lot more work and even then it would have to be done at the end of a season. And on a much smaller scale, there would be the Achievements/Trophy issue, since a Single Game over XBLA can only have 12 Achievements upon launch and then a few extra upon an update, where as the PS3 versions have around 12 to 13 PER EPISODE.

    Releasing each Episode as an individual on Xbox Live means charging $10 a time per Episode, which means the gamer would end up paying MORE this way and even then it has to go through Microsoft's testing which could delay the planned release by a month or more compared to the PC release. which in itself would cast a bad light on Telltale with gamers going "Why the hell do we get the games months later when we PAY MORE", etc.

    As for Wii, I'm sure you know, WiiWare has a major technical disadvantage, where each App is only allowed a max of 40MB space, which in itself is extremely small for ONE episode, so a Season bundle just can not happen, same problem as the Xbox in regards to Episodes being released separate, gamer ends up paying more and can face delays. Now there have been physical releases, but that is a greater cost to Telltale to have to cover manufacture costs, etc which they don't face with Digital Downloads.

  • @zmally said: Any comment on Tales Of Monkey Island or Sam & Max Season 3?

    I'd also love Strong Bad on the Xbox, but.. you know.. I can't see that happening now really :(

    Why can't you see that happening? I think that it has as good a chance as any of the other games.

    The Devil's Playhouse on Wii would be great. Please make it go faster then the previous ones though.

  • @Ash735
    Yep, i'm quite aware that the Wii is a pain due to technical restrictions but i am/was wondering about the lack of crossy Xbox 360/PS3 support. I think it would be less of an issue, both the delay as well as the lack of support, if things would be communicated properly.

  • I can understand the Wii's limitations, and to be honest I can only see retail releases from now on - which opens up all new problems! Convincing a publisher it's worth it, marketing, all that sort of thing.. :( Unless Nintendo release a new version of the Wii, or increase the limit to maybe around 2GB to fall in line with Sony and Microsoft (with the help of SD support) I think WiiWare, although on the surface is a great idea for indie developers, is too small for the likes of TTG, which is becoming quite a powerful force in this industry.

    I personally think it might be a good idea for TTG to follow the "Family Game Night" formula for XBLA, which would work perfectly for them... Where they can "release" an XBLA game that's basically like a portal program, and release "addons" which are the separate episodes (I've said this before :P ). But also, I think Microsoft could try to be a bit more accommodating to developers rather than apparently causing problems :(

    I can't see Strong Bad being released on XBLA because the game is quite old now, most Home* fans have already played through it all, an XBLA release wouldn't really bring anything new to the game except costing money for TTG to port it. I don't think it would sell very well - but obviously I'm just speculating!

    I think TOMI would sell very well on XBLA, but I think the chance for maximum sales has been missed - if TOMI was released as a full package roughly about when MI2:SE was released I think it would have sold a lot better than it would if it were released now, for example. Maybe if LucasArts announce a "Curse of Monkey Island" Special Edition TTG would announce TOMI for XBLA to fall in line and maximise sales?

    Again, all speculation... I would love a compilation of TTG games at retail for the Xbox but I can only see that happening if TTG decide to try and milk their resources, or get bought out and their parent company tries to milk it... :(

    I do think TTG's future on console gaming is ipad and PS3, which is a shame because I own neither! :P

  • @The Gentleman said: Sorry to any Xbox fans, but the Xbox does not deserve to have these great games. It was, in my book, a failure.

    In my book your mom was a failure.

  • @The Gentleman said: Sorry to any Xbox fans, but the Xbox does not deserve to have these great games. It was, in my book, a failure.

    I don't want to read your book.

  • The problem is, Xboxes are good, up until the point where they break FOUR TIMES.

    It's ridiculous that a console cannot be made to work properly.

    That said, the games are good.

  • Good riddance I'd say. (Not aimed towards the games lol)

  • @zmally said: pleasee understand i don't want to start a flame war or a microsoft supremisist thread!

    Please don't get this thread closed, I'm trying to make a valid point...

  • I bought an xbox for banjo kazooie's revival, then stopped playing it. It still is lying there for me to use, feeling replaced by my wii.

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