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'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II' - Discussion Thread

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Well, the game was just released recently, I assume that many people will be playing it very soon, if not already. So, I thought I'd post a discussion thread where all can post their questions, opinions, findings and mini-reviews, and generally discuss any points about the game that they wish.

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  • is selling the PC version for $29.99. I ordered that (hopefully I won't get an order cancellation notice because of a pricing error).
    I had the first game for Wii, loved it. I finally got it for PC during a Steam sale, and while it did crash on me a few times, and the menus got a horrible port job, I really enjoyed the game. Its is really interesting to see how different it was from the Wii version. I'm still playing through some of the DLC. I am disappointed to hear that II is really short, but for $30 I don't think I'll complain too much (at least not until I see it on sale somewhere for $15). I still think I will pick up the Wii version in a few months when the price is slashed to $15 or $20. The multiplayer on the Wii looks really fun.

  • So it's even more of a solid rental than the first game?

  • @Rather Dashing said: So it's even more of a solid rental than the first game?

    Seems that way, shorter than last time, and apparently lacking in the writing and storyline aspects as well - at least that's what I've been reading from most reviewers, and the reviewers who have been positive don't even sound like they've played the game, merely giving the game some praise without backing it up or going into specifics at all (a little like an essay that's meant to be written about a book, but the writer's only read the blurb). So, I'm more inclined to listen to the negative reviewers, because at least they sound like they've played the damned thing.

    I've read that the gameplay is as good and even better the last game's (in some areas), and that the graphics are very impressive, but those are basically the only two positive points I've heard about TFU2... oh, apart from it being 'fun', but that's generated from good gameplay anyway.

    The general message I'm getting from most of the reviews is that TFU2 feels like a little add-on or extension to the last game, except it has less soul, less depth, and less appeal overall. This actually really disappoints me to hear. I haven't played the first one yet (though I was going to get around to it) ), and I was hoping to just jump from one great/good Star Wars experience to another. Except, that won't be the case. Instead, I'll be jumping from one great/good Star Wars experience into a pit of disappointment. I'll be knowing that everything good that I experience in the first game will only be tarnished and ruined by its successor (the overall story arc being what will suffer the most).

    So, I'm feeling very reluctant towards actually purchasing this game. I'm considering just playing the first game and trying my best to pretend that it was the only one in its series.

    I mean, sure, it will be fun, especially with the dismemberment option, and it'll be entertaining, but what's the point in having this if it isn't accompanied by a good plot, story and quality writing? It'll be another nice little 'toy', (as you described the first game, Dashing) but it'll feel like a nice little toy with half the pieces either broken or missing, and will run out of batteries after playing with it once (referring to the game's embarrassing length).

    Or, then again, maybe I can just try this nice little toy out if it's ever on sale for $5 on Steam. Perhaps all of these hundreds of reviewers may be dead wrong, and TFU2 turns out to be an absolute [slightly tarnished] gem... I doubt it.


  • You can still rent the game for minimum investment. Hell, not too long from now when the game isn't as "fresh", you could probably start a gamefly trial membership, rent that game, and beat it before the trial is up. Or bum the disc off a friend that has it. =P

  • I didn't realise anyone really had any hope that a Lucas Star Wars title could be good, as far as i'm aware the vast majority of em... aren't :confused:

  • Yeah, I think it's a possible explanation for why Haden Blackman left Lucasarts.

    On another note, is it just me or did Kota seem to have lost his mind between the two games? All of his dialogue was delivered way over the top and even some of his pronunciation seemed weird.

  • All the good Star Wars games since 2000 have been made by studios other than Lucasarts. Knights of the Old Republic, Battlefront, Empire at War, Jedi Knight II, Jedi Outcast...

  • @tobar said: I went out and got it at the midnight release. I then proceeded to go home and had the sun not come out and I had to crawl back into my lair I would have beat the game in one sitting. Not too pleased by that fact.

    The game looks beautiful though. I enjoyed that they seemed to have improved the animations and the new menu was a lot better than the old one. My only question is, after I beat the game there were still a bunch of cutscenes that are in there that I haven't unlocked. So how does one unlock those? Does it have to do with the challenge mode?

    yes you have to play challenge mode to unlock all of them

  • Thanks! I'll have to get on that.

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