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Did anyone notice that this season was Max's Saga?

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It has a lot of firsts for Max in this season. The first time you can control him' (and I don't count the Jurgen battle in season two) the first time where he wasn't captured, or trapped at the end of the episode waiting for Sam to save him, He even saved the day throughout the series. We also find out a lot about Max that we didn't know, hell we find out stuff he didn't know. What did you learn about our favorite rabbity-thing?

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  • This was something that annoyed me about some of the endings of Telltale's Sam and Max games, it had one of them trapped by the villain and the other one would have to save him. It just felt out of character for them, I never really pictured either of the two as a damsel and it just seemed like a cliche.

  • @Mystic said: the first time where he wasn't captured, or trapped at the end of the episode waiting for Sam to save him

    Wait, what? I can only think of a few times that Max was trapped at the end of the episode, unless you're counting times when both him and Sam were both trapped, which also happened in most of Season 3's episodes.

  • 302 Sammeth was trapped by Paiperweight , in 303 Sam was under Sammunmak's power and in 304 he was trapped by Charlie Hotep . That's about 60% of episodes and if your looking for times were Max was trapped 201, 203 and 206.

  • 101, Max held hostage by Brady Culture, Sam has to overcome hypnosis and save him
    106, Sam has to put Max back together after Hugh Bliss creates his 3 vices
    302, Sameth is left dangling over a pit, and Maximus has to save him
    303, Sam is left in a state of hypnosis, and Max has to set everything right
    304, Sam is under the control of Charlie Ho-Tep and Max has to destroy the toybox and save everything
    305, Max has been turned into an elder god and Sam must save him

    Every instance of this

  • Lets count...

    Sam: I guess 205 counts, 302, 303, 304
    Max: Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple (Sam failed though), Hit the Road, 101, would 106 count?, 302/303, 305 in a way

    Unless I'm forgetting any moments from the cartoon and BTaS, that's about all the times they've needed to be rescued by each other.

  • I dunno guys a lot of those times it's not like one was passively waiting while the other guy rescued him, the only instance I can think about is Culture Shock. When Sameth is dangling over the pit of ants, HE is the one who gives Maximus Charlie-Hotep, then Maximus tricks Paperwaite. In the Charlie-Hotep one, Max rescues Sam but Sam helps him by changing the music. And so and so...

  • Yeah, they're usually helping each other out even while captured, the exceptions I can think of are:

    Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple
    -Max gets captured and the only thing he does to help is write (and misspell) where they're going. They both get captured in the end anyways and get saved by spontanious combustion >.>

    Hit the Road
    -Not much Max can do trapped inside a glass box surrounded by alligators.

    Culture Shock
    -Max gets captured, Sam gets hypnotised and has to break out of it to save Max.

    Bright Side of the Moon
    -Well, it's Sam saving Max I guess and it's not like Max did anything to help.

    The rest of the time they help each other out.
    -205 (Sam helps Max enter his personal hell, Max maims demon Peepers)
    -302 (Sameth helps Maximus get Charlie Hotep)
    -303 (Sam helps brain-in-a-jar Max and he leads brainwashed Sam to what they needed to do)
    -304 (Sam changes songs, Max does the psychic stuff)

  • Well yeah but in Bright Side, the whole putting Max together is not at the end. At the end Sam is trapped in various magic show artifacts and he saves himself

  • Yeah, I'm just counting every time it's happened.

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