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I know Nick is strong but the way they drew him in the game made him look too much so.

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    Hey Poseidon-

    Thanks for the feedback. I can see what you mean about Nick looking burly. If we get to do another game, we'd love to upgrade all of the characters, including Nick and the suspects!


  • By the way, are the prospects of you getting to do another game good? I've read that this was the highest selling CSI game yet which would make Ubisoft sticking with Telltale likely, but I've got no facts. I suppose you're not at liberty to say yet.

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    Hey Udvarnoky -

    You're correct - we're not at liberty to discuss. But it seems there is a demand, and it's encouraging that many have been supportive of Telltale working with the franchise...

    I'm curious - where did you read about the sales numbers?
    If it was on a forum I would take that with a grain of salt... I've been on the lookout for official sources... I'd love to know myself!! :)


  • Yeah, it was a forum post, certainly not official. Well, best of luck then!

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