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Sam and Max POPUP BOOK!?

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For Graphics, I have the fun, fun task of designing 3 designs for a Popup book. The project does sound fun, but right now I've hit a little snag. I've messed up my survay results which determine what theme all 3 books are going to be about, so now everyone's favourate genre of book is now Home and Garden. I've tried and failed at trying to design something for such a. . . niché market. So, I'm going for my second option. Graphic Novels. Unfortunately, because I have been trying and failing at Home and Garden, I have 3 days, 3 designs, and this is all starting to sound like some kind of horrible gameshow as the clock is ticking away until school starts.

Well, if I'm going to be slaving away in a small, dark room all day, I might as well pick 3 series to design popup books for.

1) The Girlybird gets the Worm (Just so funny!)

2) My Dead Girlfriend (Kinda half undecided on this one though)

3) Sam and Max (Who doesn't love this?)

So, for all those who have stayed awake during my plea, this is a cry for help as right now I just have no ideas!

*hugs readers* Thankyou ^_^

Edit: When somebody told me I would have to invest in a theasaurus, I realised that I forgot to mention that I would heavily draw inspirtation from Steve Purcell's existing works.

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  • This is kind of a predictable place to ask for help choosing.
    You know everybody's going to call for Sam N Max.

  • [quote=Col_Shaggy;39299]This is kind of a predictable place to ask for help choosing.
    You know everybody's going to call for Sam N Max.[/quote]

    I think umaiki would like some ideas for a Sam & Max pop-up book, if I understood correctly.
    Firstly: who is the target audience?

  • Perhaps a simple little story would work nicely in a pop-up book... one that takes place entirely inside the office, involving Jimmy Two-Teeth stealing something from the office? I can imagine Sam and Max peeping through the rat hole, and perhaps a mousetrap snapping shut on Max's finger, who greatly enjoys the sensation... Ah, eureka! Jimmy stole the white-out because he wants to be an albino rat. He paints his entire body, and gets hallucinations, eventually leaping out of his rat hole, screaming "I am Franz, the amazing flying pelican!" He then leaps out the window, fortunately landing in a truck full of chickens (soft landing, much noise), but loses the white-out, which is suspended in the air outside the office window, and Sam grabs it before it falls. Max will remark something about wanting to erase that sight from his memory (or something much funnier), and Sam tells him that he's cracked up by his little buddy.

    Just an idea, of course...

  • ive talked to purcell about a popup book for years :P Idea isnt new. He said something like.. if you could pull it off it might just work.. or something off the cuff. I actually though of the idea when reading the original color comic.

    Make it so #1

  • I throw in my support for a Sam and Max sketchbook. If you are to do it, would you mind posting up pictures?

    And if you go with one idea but don't really like the completed project, you can always do another one. Even if it's not for school.

  • if u make a sam and max pop up book u HAVE to make sure BARF comes out of someone!!!! i'm totally cereal about it!

    what if u made a pop up book for neal stephenson's snow crash? lol hahaha that would be awesome.. pretty big book.. but awesome..

    u could make a pop up book about ww2 and how bush's grandfather owned the bank that lent moneh to the nazis... and got shut down by the government for supplying money to the enemy.

    or a pirates of dark water pop up book that would have been the figurative last episode where they actually find the treasure they were looking for...

    OOORRR a secret of monkey island pop up book
    OOOORRR i think it would be really dumb so nevermind pop up book
    oooorrrrrr an insert blankity blank blank here book

    oooooorrrr the list goes on and on pop up book
    OOOOOORRRR a pop up book about a kid who gets suckered into buying a defective pop up book that secretly sucks the soul out of any weary readers adding pages to the book FOREVAHHH kinda like the never ending story..
    oh god someone please give me back the 2 hours i spent watching part 3 and 4

  • or a manbearpig.

    super cereal!

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