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What do you think Telltale will do after BTTF and JP?

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When Rise of the Pirate God was about to be released, I was thinking what's the next thing gonna be. I kinda sorta had the answer after finishing RotPG: New Sam & Max game in 2010. While waiting for The Devil's Playhouse I was thinking what's next in line. Later on the Universal deal was announced.

Now there haven't been any releases since the last S&M episode and we're waiting for Back to the Future and Poker Night to kick off. After that there will be Jurassic Park. So when all this is done and wrapped up, what's gonna be next?

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  • @Origami said: I think we have a 70% chance of returning to Sam and Max. We're getting 2 new license games now and then a return to something familiar. You can't let Sam and Max fans wait THAT long, lol.

    I know most of us can wait, and it would be too soon for a new Sam&Max game.

  • @Origami said: A Futurama game. Now that could definitely work!

    Again I am really up for an X-Files game. It really has the qualities for a succesful episodic game from Telltale.

    -The franchise has been too quiet for a long time. It could use a revival
    -It has comical distinctive characters. The real actors are probably easy accesible for the voice acting.
    -The series already had an episodic format.
    -The series had a nice sense of dark humour. TellTale could really work with this.

    It's also a great addition for TellTale's portfolio. It needs a good detective/horror/comedy game.

    Now someone already pointed out to me that they have CSI.
    But TellTale just acts as an out-sourced studio. The stories are already written. Telltale just transfers it into a game. Also, CSI is pretty generic. Misses drama, action and good characters.

    I agree with this. Also, unlike CSI, The X-files is more about paranormal activity rather than crime in real life. I think it would be an interesting video game.

  • @Icedhope said: I know most of us can wait, and it would be too soon for a new Sam&Max game.

    Keep in mind that we'll be almost a year further when current 2 licenses are complete.

  • Puzzle Agent/Grickle. Hopefully that gamble worked out for 'em, because it's so unique from the rest of their games. I'd love to see the series fully realized.

    'Course, more Guybrush would always be wonderful. I just want to see the giant steampunk monkey robot Steve Purcell designed to appear in a game.

  • I will now look into my crystal ball and predict that will make something with giant robots and vampires or mutated vegetables

  • Sam & Max already has those, except the mutated vegetables, so that must be what's coming next!

  • @WarpSpeed said: Sam & Max already has those, except the mutated vegetables, so that must be what's coming next!

    Killer Tomatoes! Yeees!

  • A Dexter game would be brilliant, because...

    -Telltale's chance to make a proper big-boy game with serious storylines that interweave and have proper emotional gravitas

    -The nature of Dexter's "work" would lend itself well to adventure games, tracking people down, finding clues, finding clever ways to enter into property

    -Hints could be delivered seamlessly using Dexter's trademark inner monologue

    -That guy from the Telltale office who dressed as Dex would bum the idea

  • I would LOVE a new TOMI game or a puzzle agent season :D I would love sam and max even more butt it's to early for that... isn't it?

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