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TF2 Paranoia.

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All right. This is a question I've had on my mind for a little bit.

So, a while back there was the deal where you pre-ordered The Devil's Playhouse and got three Sam and Max items in Team Fortress 2. Now they're giving out a bunch of items for Poker Night at the Inventory.

It's cool that Valve is trying to give more attention to Telltale, but at the same time I feel like it might potentially backfire. I mean, there are quite a bit of crazy TF2 fans who will do whatever is necessary for a new item. There have been people who bought The Devil's Playhouse, claimed their items, and never touched the actual game, which is a shame. I know you have to actually play Poker Night to get most of the items, but like with the Alien Swarm Parasite hat, the compulsive item-collectors would probably just see it as grinding. They'd play as much as necessary to get all the items (without any actual interest the entire time), then forget it entirely.

Telltale might decide a sale is still a sale, but I'm worried sales boosts like this might make it seem like interest in their titles is higher than it actually is. I mean, I'll be getting Poker Night personally because I think the game will be funny, but I can already guarantee the majority of sales will be people who want the TF2 items. I know Telltale wants to make "At the Inventory" into a series (though could it be a point-and-click adventure? ;)). They see how well their pilot game has sold, and begin spending their time and money onto a full series of it, only for it to turn out fan interest was only a small fraction of what they thought, and unless those games come with TF2 items too it could end up a commercial failure. :(

I love Telltale, I love Valve, and I'm hoping "At the Inventory" manages to blossom into a full series, but if anyone on the Telltale Team is reading this, I just want to say that I hope you can find a better way to convert people into real fans.

Sorry if I'm coming off as insulting or anything, by the way. That's not my intent.

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