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Hi, Im not very familiar with Telltale games.

How will this new jurassic park look and play?

I mean will it be like an adventure, open-world game like rockstars 'Red Dead Redemption' or 'GTA IV'? In which you can roam around the Island, encounter dinosaurs and complete missions when ever it suits you.

Or will it be more of a click and move game? Something like a PC game.

Could someone with more experience in playing Telltale games please tell me what is likely to be the style of the game? By style I mean what will it look like? Will be a game like red dead redemption? or a game like 'Jurassic park: Operation Genesis' with that click and move style

Sorry if this is a pointless thread, it's just im really excited about this game because Jurassic Park is my all time favourite film franchise.

Cheers x :)

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