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OK to play the seasons out of order?

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I just bought all three Sam & Max seasons, super excited to play them. Then I discovered season 1 doesn't work on Macs. I'll probably have access to a PC in the future, but do I need to wait? I was thinking of starting out with season 2, but I was worried that it might have jokes that play on season 1 content or spoilers for season 1. Should I be worried? Or is it OK to play the seasons out of order?

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  • i can't speak on Sam & Max in particular, but I played ToMI, then MI1, then MI2, then M13, and i still haven't played Escape. I didn't get anything in ToMI, but after playing through the first 3 I began to understand them.

  • Go ahead and play them out of order. You'll miss out on some in-jokes, but otherwise you'll probably be fine.

  • Playing 305 BEFORE 204 can lead to some confusion about the end.

  • It's not strictly necessary, but it makes the games more enjoyable. It just makes more sense if you play the seasons in order, because a LOT of continuity builds, characters are introduced or running gags established that are a lot funnier in context.

    For instance, playing season three before any other season can work, but there are a lot of characters or background that only really make sense if you've played the others first; especially the ending of 305.

  • Playing the seasons in order isn't really required, but you'll be missing out on a lot of references, and there will be certain times (not giving anything specific away) where you'd be completely in the dark about what people are talking about.

    Do you have a Wii or an Xbox 360? You can get the first season for both of those if you don't have a PC.

  • I played In this order: Season one: 4,1,2,3,5,6
    Season 2:1, 4, 5
    Season 3: Right order
    Season 2: currently working on 3

    And I don't own Season 2 episode 2.

    I'm not confused at all on anything.

  • Most of the people who said is confusing is because they play it in order and know what you're going to miss.

    Just play the games the order you want, while I will just recomend to play again the Seasons 2 and 3 after playing Season 1 for catch up with the references. But if you play it now, it's not less enjoyable. Says the girl who played first Chariot of the Dogs and was trying to figure out what the hell with T.H.E.M. And it's still my favorite episode ^^!

  • I would play them in order. Can you image watching Lost episodes/seasons out of order and the story still make any sense?

  • Lost doesn't make sense, period. Unless that comment was meant ironically.

  • @Player_2 said: Lost doesn't make sense, period. Unless that comment was meant ironically.

    Hey look, somone who thinks their being smart and clearly didn't watch the show and know it isn't anywhere near as nonsensical as the press made it out to be.

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